Paynet Transactions and BellSouth Wireless Data Team Up to Bring Speedy, Convenient Credit Card Use to the Final Four in Tampa

Story Filed: Wednesday, March 24, 1999 10:47 AM EST

TAMPA, FLA. (March 24) BUSINESS WIRE -March 24, 1999-- Wireless POS Terminals in Stadium, Parking Lot, Area Host Hotels

Eliminate Long Lines

Fans at this year's Final Four will be able to use their credit cards to buy official memorabilia quickly and easily at numbers of "unwired" locations, thanks to wireless capabilities provided by Paynet Transaction Services and BellSouth Wireless Data.

Paynet Transactions, a leader in credit card processing for special events, and BellSouth Wireless Data, an expert in providing wireless data solutions, are providing wireless credit card point-of-sale (POS) terminals and service for use at the souvenir shops inside Tampa's Tropicana Stadium, in the stadium parking lot and at area host hotels during the NCAA Basketball finals March 27 and 29, 1999.

The wireless POS terminals from Paynet and BellSouth Wireless Data enable souvenir vendors to have triple the amount of credit card terminals in Tropicana Stadium, making it quick and easy for fans to buy official merchandise...wherever they are in the stadium complex.

For fans that prefer the convenience of purchasing souvenir items right at their hotel, Paynet and BellSouth Wireless Data will temporarily furnish lobby souvenir shops of Tampa area host hotels with wireless credit card terminals. As most hotels do not have the resources available to accommodate multiple credit card terminals, Paynet and BellSouth Wireless Data provide the ideal portable, wireless solution because additional standard dial-up phone lines would be very expensive to add for a weekend event.

Each Paynet terminal is equipped with a wireless modem, allowing for rapid transaction transmission over the nationwide BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network(sm) from BellSouth Wireless Data. Once a credit card is swiped, the terminals wirelessly transmit the data to Global Payment Systems, the front-end processor, via the BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network, where it receives authorization and is securely broadcast back to the terminal. This process usually takes less than 10 seconds. Using standard dial up phone lines, this process would take longer.

The BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network is ideal for conducting wireless credit card transactions because of features such as seamless, nationwide coverage by a single carrier, low latency, high reliability and guaranteed confirmation of transactions.

"Wireless credit card terminals are another example of how wireless solutions are moving into the mainstream bringing real-life benefits to vendors and customers alike," said Lew Blumstein, BellSouth Wireless Data's, vice president, industry marketing. "Be it the Final Four, the Super Bowl, or a major concert event, the wireless solution from BellSouth Wireless Data and Paynet will provide convenience to fans and increased sales to merchants."

"Fans attending 'once in a lifetime' events like the Final Four tend to purchase expensive commemorative items such as sweaters or jackets with credit cards," said Al Chan, vice president, for Paynet Transaction Services. "With the wireless transaction solution from Paynet and BellSouth Wireless Data, vendors at the tournament and area host hotels can quickly and cost effectively bring credit card convenience to fans". About Paynet Transaction Services

Paynet Transaction Services, Concord, California provides credit card processing for all types of merchant accounts. The company is one of the few credit card processors to maintain a special events department which does short term rental of credit card terminal, cash registers and radio frequency wireless modems which interface with the BellSouth Intelligent Wireless Network from BellSouth Wireless Data. Special events clients include the Rolling Stones tour, the US Open Tennis Championships, the New England Patriots (VUI), the Donna Karan Warehouse Sales, the George Strait tour, Sony Signatures, and many others for whom credit card acceptance at a temporary venue means convenience to fans and customers and increased sales to the merchant. E-mail: [email protected] About BellSouth Wireless Data

BellSouth Wireless Data, L.P., headquartered in Woodbridge, N.J., is an expert in providing proven wireless data communications solutions that eliminate the barriers between critical information and mobile users. The company, a winner of the prestigious Sears Innovation Source of the Year and Partners in Progress awards for 1997, delivers a competitive advantage and increases personal productivity for aggressive, innovative companies and individuals leveraging communications technologies to meet their strategic goals. BellSouth Wireless Data operates its wireless data service throughout the United States, covering more than 93 percent of the urban business population located in 266 metropolitan areas with a total population of 200 million people.

BellSouth Wireless Data is a subsidiary of BellSouth Corporation, which provides telecommunications, wireless communications, cable and digital TV, directory advertising and publishing, and Internet and data services to nearly 33 million customers in 19 countries worldwide. E-mail: [email protected] Web site address: csm


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