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MicroTouch Kiosks Part of Government Initiative to Make Services Public-Friendly

METHUEN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 25, 1999--MicroTouch Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:MTSI - news) today announced it is supplying touchscreen monitors and kiosks as part of an ambitious government initiative to make federal and state services more accessible to the public.

MicroTouch customer NBG Solutions, a systems integrator and subsidiary of NBG Radio Network (OTC BB:NSBD), Portland, Ore., is the prime contractor for Internet-based interactive kiosk systems and office equipment for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Multi User Facility. This GSA project calls for developing facilities in shopping malls where various government agencies can jointly provide services to the public at convenient times in an easily accessible environment.

A prototype facility, called Government Services Express, opened March 11 in the Great Mall, Milpitas, Calif. This facility, developed by the GSA for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the California Franchise Tax Board, includes five touch-enabled kiosks which people can use to access government information and forms via the World Wide Web. Software developed by NBG Solutions makes it easy to navigate the system using touch input and graphical buttons displayed in multiple languages.

The facility also provides office space and equipment for videoconferencing, presentation, facsimile, printing, and copying. Representatives from federal and state agencies provide advice and assistance seven days a week and during evening hours, making it convenient for most people to use the facility.

A second prototype facility is slated to open in the Boston, Mass., area in early April. The prototypes will help GSA officials gauge public receptivity and identify opportunities to enhance the facility with additional government services. Subject to appropriations, the long-term GSA vision calls for hundreds of similar facilities nationwide.

The Multi User Facility-Express Government Services project is a key part of the GSA's mission to provide expertly managed space, supplies, services, and technology solutions, at the best value, to enable government employees to accomplish their objectives. The GSA goal is to foster collaboration between federal and state governments make their resources easily accessible to the public. Information technology that is easy to use plays an important role in this endeavor.

David Thibeau, NBG Solutions Chief Technical Officer, said his company selected MicroTouch monitors with ClearTek 3000 capacitive touchscreens and custom kiosk enclosures built by Factura Kiosks, a MicroTouch division. ``The MicroTouch monitors and Factura kiosks provide an excellent combination of durability, reliability, and attractive design for public-access applications.'' Thibeau said the facility project ``has been a resounding technical success and we are looking forward to an expansion of our relationship with the GSA.''

Greg Swistak, president of Factura, the kiosk enclosures division of MicroTouch, said: ``The government sector is showing great potential as an emerging market for kiosk products worldwide, and NBG is in the process of establishing itself as a leader in this arena. Factura is pleased to have contributed to the success of this program and other collaborations with NBG that provide a valuable service to the public.''

About MicroTouch

MicroTouch is the leading worldwide vendor of touch-input solutions, and the only company able to supply touchscreens for virtually every application. For public access and business systems, the company offers its highly durable ClearTek 3000 capacitive and TouchTek5 5-wire resistive touchscreens and touch-enabled monitors. For mobile professional and consumer products, MicroTouch offers TouchTek4 4-wire resistive touchscreens. For specialty applications, the company offers TouchTekDM digital matrix touchscreens. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch reported sales of $144.4 million in 1998.

Factura Kiosks, a MicroTouch division in Rochester, N.Y., is the leading U.S. supplier of kiosk enclosures, specializing in creative design, engineering and manufacturing. The MicroTouch Specialty Products Group, located in Austin, Texas, focuses on the development of analog resistive and digital matrix resistive touchscreens. The MicroTouch Business Products Division is the U.S. market leader in touch-enabled digital whiteboards. Its Ibid product line has earned awards from several leading trade publications. MicroTouch operates, the first Internet-based electronic commerce site devoted exclusively to the sale of touchscreen monitors and related products. The company's Web site is

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