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 Sony Multimedia Equipment Selected for  State-of-the-Art High School      
                       (Business Wire; 03/30/99)                       

 PARK RIDGE, N.J. (March 30) BUSINESS WIRE -March 30, 1999--

       Integrator ICI(TM) Develops Innovative Classroom  Resource Management 
System (CRMS(TM)) to Link Classroom Tools

 Sony Electronics' distance learning products have recently been installed at a 
state-of-the-art high school in Grand Rapids, Mich. Byron Center High School, a 
240,000 square foot facility that opened last fall, is a technologically 
progressive education complex designed with the needs of 21st century students 
and educators in mind.

 "Technology tools as part of the curriculum will be as prevalent in tomorrow's 
classroom as textbooks are today," said Principal William Skilling. "Our 
multimedia learning environment makes access to information immediate - 
anywhere, anytime."

 Each of the school's 30 classrooms are equipped with two to four large screen 
monitors for information display, two pan/tilt/zoom video cameras for 
collaboration with local and remote classrooms, an overhead document camera for 
the exhibition of desktop objects and text, and a VCR and an audio tape deck 
for in-class playback of audio and video tapes.

 The instructor's station features a computer with CD-ROM and Internet access, 
connected to the big screen monitors for presentation and information sharing. 
All of the equipment is controlled by an intuitive touchscreen system (the 
Classroom Resource Management System or CRMS(TM)), to provide students and 
teachers with immediate access to multimedia lessons.

 The CRMS, along with the entire integration plan, was designed by Innovative 
Communications Inc., also of Grand Rapids, and utilizes the Sony S-link(TM) 
capability to coordinate communication between the electronics products. The S-
link A/V control manages remote command signals to Sony infrared-controlled 
video or audio components.

 "We worked closely with Sony and the Byron Center team to create a state-of-
the-art system in which every link was interconnected," said Rodney Kuznicki, 
president of ICI. "The CRMS is the piece of the puzzle that makes information 
easily accessible for everyone - both the technologically savvy and the 

 According to the Byron Center's Dr. Skilling, the CRMS provides the students 
and teachers with immediate access to multimedia lessons.

 "It's simple enough for an elementary child to use," Dr. Skilling said. "With 
the CRMS, the teacher can access and control information from satellite dishes, 
VHS autoloaders and videoconferencing events without the intervention of a 
direct technician or media specialist."

 The design of the system allows for interactive communication and information 
sharing with remote sites as well as with other classrooms within the building. 
Four satellite dishes and two shared video codecs provide access to the outside 
world. In addition to the 30 CRMS-equipped distance education classrooms, there 
is a large group distance learning room with a central classroom area and a 
glass-framed perimeter lined with individual computer work stations. Here, 
students can work on individual assignments on the computer while 
simultaneously participating in or listening to the classroom lesson.

 The multimedia equipment is used in all aspects of the curriculum for an 
experience Dr. Skilling calls "Just In Time Learning."

 "Information is accessible anytime, anywhere, and is available for immediate 
problem solving in the classroom," Skilling said.

 For example, a typical U.S. Government lesson may include study events viewed 
on the Fox News Network, a presentation highlighting the main points of the 
day, a distance learning connection with a judge in a remote courtroom, and 
video from the school library on the history of the legal system.

 "Students' motivation is evident in the classrooms by their comfort and 
enthusiasm toward this technology," said Lisa Baldino, marketing manager of 
distance learning for Sony Electronics' Broadcast and Professional Company. "By 
selecting Sony products, the Byron Center is providing high quality resources 
for students and educators, and their program sets a new standard for 
learning."  Integrated Classroom Solutions

 Sony's integrated distance education solutions are comprised of a selection of 
audio, video and data technologies designed to meet the needs of classrooms 
nationwide. Products include cameras, monitors, presentation stands, 
microphones, computers, VTRs, and room control systems from various sectors of 
the company. Sony recently added two new video presentation stands to its 
distance education product line-up that further enhance the level of technology 
offered in the classroom.

 Editor's Note: More information about Sony products can be found on the World 
Wide Web at, or readers may call 1-800-686-
SONY. Additional press information is available at 
More information about the CRMS(TM), developed by ICI(TM), can be found at

 Sony Electronics offers a wide array of products and systems for image 
capture, production and display. Sony also provides specialized equipment and 
systems for data recording, duplication, electronic photography/publishing, 
videoconferencing, high definition video, interactive and security 
applications. In the fiscal year that ended on March 31, 1998, Sony Electronics 
had record sales of $10.5 billion.

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