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CORPORATE UPDATE - NeoProducts and Inc. to Deliver Public Access  
                               Terminal Solutions                               
                      (Canada Newswire; 03/31/99)                      

   TORONTO, March 31 /CNW/ - NeoProducts Pty Ltd. (NeoProducts) and Inc. today announced a three-year systems integrator agreement 
that enables Inc. to joint market public access terminal 
electronic commerce solutions. E-commerce includes all types of commercial 
transactions done via computers or telecommunications. According to The World 
Trade Organization in 1998, US$300 billion worth of business will be conducted 
electronically by the year 2000.

   NeoProducts will bundle the application on their family of 
terminals. This software could then be activated based on an individual 
customer's requirements. The terminals also provide organizations with a cost-
effective way to bring their products and services to a greater number of 
people. This new relationship between two leaders in systems integration, 
design and manufacturing solutions enables NeoProducts and eStation Inc. to 
deliver a full service public access solution that can be customized to meet 
the unique needs of each enterprise.

   The new product family will be marketed as eStation(R) terminals. The 
eStation(R) touch-screen based systems will provide users with quick access to 
a virtual storefront that can offer information, goods and services, 24 hours a 
day, 7 days a week. The eStation(R) interactive terminal makes it easy for 
individuals to access services such as online shopping and banking, imaging, 
utility, medical, telecommunications, education, library, insurance, 
university, energy, recreation, transportation, news and games. eStation(R) 
terminals will be located primarily in high pedestrian traffic areas such as 
shopping malls, airports, hotel, sports stadiums, government agencies, 
universities, retail stores, hospitals, banking and healthcare centers.

   The eStation(R) features a networked multimedia computer, touch screen 
monitor, stereo speakers, peripherals and eStation(R) application software. The 
eStation(R) can be provided with a universal handset to support telephony 
functions. Several printer options will be included to provide users with 
airline or concert tickets, receipts, coupons, and screen printouts. In 
addition, the card reader is conveniently located on the terminal to offer 
customers additional payment choices, such as credit, debit and smart cards.

   "NeoProducts is uniquely positioned to work with Inc. to 
design, manufacture and deliver terminals to meet their client needs," said 
Dwight Baycroft Vice President of sales and marketing for NeoProducts, North 
America. "eStation terminals will allow users to remain fully productive having 
instant access to information services and the Internet even though they are 
remote from their business location or home office", said John Tevlin President 
and CEO Inc.

   NeoProducts designs, manufactures and markets interactive touch screen based 
systems for a range of applications including public interactive terminals for 
E-commerce, multimedia pay phones and gaming systems. Founded in 1987, 
NeoProducts Pty Ltd. has become one of the largest manufacturers of touch 
screen public access terminals, or kiosks with over 8000 units installed 
todate. Neo's terminals are the delivery vehicle for the Department of 
Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs' Automated Job Search network 
in Australia, which deploys 2,352 kiosks in over 300 locations providing direct 
job seeker access to the national employment database. In 1997, this unique 
network was awarded the Smithsonian Award for Technological Innovation in the 

   Neo has also provided IBM one of the major technology sponsors for the 
Sydney 2000 Olympics with 130 infopoint terminals shipped to date. The touch 
screen terminals employ the latest multimedia techniques and display details of 
the many events and venues associated with the games. Neo has provided 
transaction terminals for banking, theatre and sports ticketing, accommodation, 
gift registry, gaming, driver licence testing, human resources, shopping, 
government services, airline, telco and many additional applications. Inc. will be the new name of TKN Interactive Marketing Systems 
Inc., (TKNI) as approved by the shareholders at the annual meeting March 30, 
1999. The company will continue to trade as TKNI until the change has been 
approved by CDN. Currently there are 86,812,465 TKNI shares outstanding.

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