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Vision Associates Ltd have developed and are now manufacturing a futuristic touchscreen, interactive
information kiosk. The kiosk is elegant. almost half the size of the conventional touch screen kiosks
currently available in the UK, secure, very competitively priced, and available in a range of colours and

Vision develop touchscreen software applications, multimedia and Internet business solutions. "We were
disillusioned with kiosk hardware available so we produced our own design and have started
manufacturing. We now need distributors to meet the growing aesthetic and security demands of
discerning UK companies." says managing director, Lawrence Webster. 

The slimline design is constructed in zintec steel, available in a wide range of colours and vandal resistant
finishes. It meets the needs of companies looking for information kiosks designed in keeping with
prestigious corporate identities. 

It can be used by industries that wish to provide extensive information without showroom and space
overheads or where space is at a premium, e.g. cars, homes, exhibitions. travel and tourism or where
information needs to be provided on products and services. It could also be used as an off-site sales

A range of touchscreen computers slide into the kiosk with software enabling customers to look at
information visually. It can be externally accessed through windows allowing 24 hour service. Credit card
reader, coin and note handling options mean customers can order direct from a kiosk. Video, video
conferencing, animation, stereo speakers and printing are amongst some of the options available. 

The housing is revolutionary in design in that it offers a high degree of security. There are no accessible
entrance points without security keys which operate a bolt action lock-ling system on two key activated
opening front doors with internal security access. All external joints are flanged to prevent 'leverage' with a

Screens are, capacitive rather than resistive, i.e. the screen senses the finger without having to press on
to the actual screen, and is therefore faster. Screens are shatterproof, the best available with 300cd/m2
brightness for clarity. Hardware is upgradeable for at least three years even if leased. 

The cable to the computer cannot be interfered with within it's housing. A substantial metal base is
attached via four internal mounting points using industrial strength mounting bolts. The corners and edges
are rounded to meet British Safety requirements. 

There is a fan cooling system and a 4 way mains distribution block inside. The Sunrise Kiosk is CE
marked, manufactured to ISO 9000 procedures and year 2000 compliant. Prices start from GBP 4,500
and it typically pays for itself within 6 months dependent upon application. Rental agreements are

CONTACT: Lawrence Webster, Vision Associates Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1283 821207 Fax: +44 (0)1283 821415
e-mail: [email protected] WWW: Kathryn Robinson Tel: +44 (0)1283
704767 e-mail: [email protected] 

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