BayCare Health System Deploys Web-based Employee and Manager   Self-Service   
                          Applications from Interlynx                          
                       (Business Wire; 04/05/99)                       

 BOSTON (April 5) BUSINESS WIRE -April 5, 1999--

 Automation of human resource, payroll and benefits processes      expected to 
pay for itself in three and a half years

 Interlynx Technology, a leading provider of Web and interactive voice response 
(IVR)-based employee self-service (ESS) applications for human resources, today 
announced that BayCare Health System, Inc. has implemented InterAction(TM), the 
self-service product developed by Interlynx. BayCare is leveraging InterAction 
as the core component in its strategic plan to become a "paperless 
organization," beginning with the automation of human resources, payroll and 
benefits processes.

 "Keeping healthcare affordable means focusing on patient care, reducing 
operating costs and making the most of existing staff," said Sharon Collotta, 
director of human resources at Morton Plant Mease HealthCare, a member of the 
BayCare System. "A big part of the solution is to eliminate resource-intensive 
work, especially paperwork. That calls for advanced but profoundly user-
friendly automation, which is exactly what Interlynx brought to the table."

 BayCare is using a phased approach to deploy several InterAction employee and 
manager self-service applications enterprise-wide at more than 40 locations, 
including hospitals, mental health and ambulatory care centers, nursing homes 
and home-health offices.

 Phase one focused on labor-intensive tasks such as the distribution of pay 
stubs, changing an employee's home address on file, and providing employment 
and income verification, with applications such as Electronic Pay Stub, 
Personal Data, and Employment Verification. Future phases will incorporate 
electronic routing and workflow to target the most complex and most costly 
transactions such as new hire, termination and rehire processing, initiation of 
job requisitions, employee review processing and employee transfers.

 BayCare's entire employee population referred to as 'team members,' will use 
InterAction to take ownership of their own human resource, payroll and benefits 
data through the use of web browsers, interactive voice response, e-mail, 
facsimile and PC-equipped kiosks. Automating these core business processes will 
save BayCare time and money, reduce errors and rework, and free HR 
professionals to perform higher-value tasks.

 "We looked at other options, but determined Interlynx would be the best 
investment both short- and long-term," said Craig Brethauer, Vice President for 
BayCare Human Resources. "Total cost of ownership was one consideration, but 
other key factors in selecting InterAction included its ability to interface 
with all five payroll systems that we currently use, as well as all of the 
other back-end technologies we use today, or may end up using in the future. It 
is reassuring to know that InterAction will work with all of them."

 "BayCare recognizes the true value proposition delivered by self service 
through its ability to seamlessly connect people and back-end data systems," 
stated Michael George, President and CEO of Interlynx Technology. "Their 
substantial growth through acquisition has created an environment of multiple 
disparate data sources, all of which need to be leveraged in order to achieve a 
paperless organization. Their strategic approach to self service will ensure 
the success of the initiative, and produce the maximum return on investment," 
continued George.

 Prior to making a purchase decision, BayCare performed extensive analysis of 
their current business processes and associated costs. The resulting business 
case for the purchase of InterAction estimates a 12.6% annual return on 
investment over a five-year period, with the technology paying for itself in 
just over three and one half of those years.  About BayCare Health System

 BayCare Health System, Inc. is a locally owned and operated company based in 
Clearwater, Florida, and the area's largest provider-owned managed care 
network. With 18,000 employees, BayCare's mission is to deliver superior 
healthcare at the best possible price to its more than 650,000 members.  About 

 Based in Boston, Interlynx Technology is the creator of InterAction, the first 
Web and IVR-based product for human resources that combines self service and 
shared service applications. Designed to provide total employee service 
delivery, InterAction is employee and manager self service software also used 
in the HR call center, supported by its own case management system. InterAction 
interfaces to PeopleSoft, SAP, Cyborg, Restrac and the knowledge management 
product from Foundation Technologies.

 Since 1994, Interlynx has been providing innovative self-service application 
products for human resources. More than 2 million people have access to 
Interlynx self-service solutions at major corporations and organizations 
including AlliedSignal, Boston Scientific, CBS, Massachusetts Institute of 
Technology, General Electric, Liz Claiborne, Office Depot, and Safeway Stores. 
For more information view the Company's Web site at

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