Interactive Kiosks market equally dynamic in Europe, North America, Rest of the World.

NetShift Software Ltd welcomed the release by Frost and Sullivan of some highlights of their research into the World's kiosk market.
Tim Daw, Managing Director said:" Whilst we haven't had a chance to review the whole report yet we were a little surprised to see how small the projected market has been portrayed in Europe and the Rest of the World. Most high technology products have an about equal market in the North America, Europe and the Rest of the World. We also know that kiosks are particularly popular and widely used in Europe, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and South America. Looking at the visitors to also shows the high level of interest in kiosks from these areas. We have access to other forecasts as well which together with the Frost figures from 1999 and 1997 we have quickly put into a simple spreadsheet for the users of to perform their own calculations. One calculation we have done as an example is to replace the European figures in Frost's world calculation with the European forecasts from another forecaster, this gives a very different total forecast, we believe the same can be done with the Rest of the World figures"
The figures in the spreadsheet are provided "as is" and no warranty to their accuracy is offered.

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