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ATI Technologies Selects Quantum Effect Design's MIPS CPU for
Set-Top Wonder II

QED's RM5231 Serves as Core Processor For Next-Generation Set-Top Reference Design 

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Effect Design, Inc., a leading provider of
high-performance, cost-effective MIPS(R) RISC embedded microprocessor solutions, today announced
that QED's RM5231(TM) microprocessor was selected by Toronto-based ATI Technologies (Toronto: ATY)
for the company's second-generation advanced set-top box reference design, the Set-top Wonder(TM) II.
ATI is the world's largest supplier of multimedia chips and boards. 

The Set-top Wonder II reference design provides a platform from which consumer electronics OEMs can
develop low-cost, yet high-performance set-top boxes. This design incorporates the Rage(TM) XL and
Rage(TM) Theatre from ATI, which together offer the most powerful set-top graphics subsystem available

The QED RM5231 is the cornerstone of the Set-top Wonder II design. Its 250MHz processor is combined
with ATI's industry-leading graphics, video, multimedia and TV tuning technology to control the 2D, 3D and
video applications needed for today's convergence devices. This powerful combination offers the
multimedia performance of today's PCs in a package designed for the consumer market. 

"QED's high-performance MIPS processors are a good match for ATI's advanced digital set-top box
solutions, such as the Set-top Wonder II. The synergy between these products will enable set-top box
and Digital TV OEMs to offer competitively priced products with a robust feature set," said Dan Eiref,
manager of set-top box marketing, at ATI Technologies." 

ATI is poised to lead the set-top DTV market. The company has already been selected to provide
graphics, video and TV-out functionality for millions of set-top cable boxes. Most TVs require an external
DTV tuner/decoder box and ATI's highly integrated graphics technology is ideal to provide the graphics
and video acceleration for these set-top units. 

"ATI joins our rapidly-growing list of set-top customers who want to bring cost-effective, advanced DTV to
market now," said Andy Keane, QED vice president of marketing. "Partnerships with leading companies
like ATI for the advanced Set-top Wonder II enables us to play an integral role in making affordable DTV a

RM5231 MIPS Microprocessor 

QED's RM5231 is a high-performance 64-bit MIPS microprocessor designed to provide workstation-class
performance at an affordable price for embedded applications. Its superscalar instruction issue
architecture significantly increases processor scalability and performance. The RM5231 executes 325
Dhrystone2.1 MIPS and 500 MFLOPS of floating point operations in parallel at 250MHz. Both the integer
and floating point unit have high-speed multiply-accumulate instructions that are the core of DSP code.
This provides designers with the high performance flexibility of a general-purpose microprocessor. 

Working within the Windows CE platform, the RM5231 is ideal for not only set-top boxes, but other digital
video appliances such as, multimedia kiosks and Windows-based terminals. 

ATI Technologies Inc. 

ATI Technologies Inc., the world's largest supplier of 3D graphics and multimedia technology, designs,
manufactures and markets innovative and award-winning multimedia solutions and graphics components
for the personal computer, set-top box and consumer appliance markets. An ISO 9002 company, ATI is
the world's leading supplier of video and 2D/3D graphics accelerators to OEM and retail customers.
Founded in l985, ATI employs more than 1,600 people at headquarters in Thornhill, Ontario, and in offices
in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Barbados, Malaysia, Japan and
Hong Kong. ATI is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.
For other ATI news releases visit their Web site at 

QED, Inc. 

QED, Inc., founded in 1991, designs, develops and markets innovative, scalable, high-performance,
cost-effective, market-driven embedded microprocessor solutions. The company designed and developed
many of the 64-bit MIPS microprocessors including the popular R4600(TM), R4700(TM), R4650(TM),
R4640(TM), R5000(TM) and under its own "RISCMark(TM)" label, the RM5230(TM), RM5260(TM),
RM5270(TM), RM5231(TM), RM5261(TM), RM5271(TM) and RM7000(TM). 

QED's RM52xx(TM), RM52x1(TM) and RM7000 product families include 32- and 64-bit embedded
microprocessors targeted at emerging and fast-growing markets such as networking, printers, game,
Windows(R) CE-based devices, Internet Terminal, set-top box, cable modem and high-speed
communications devices. Company headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California. Telephone:
408/565-0300. QED World Wide Web site: 

MIPS is a registered trademark and R5000 is a trademark of MIPS Technologies, Inc. R4600, R4700,
R4650, and R4640 are trademarks of Integrated Device Technology, Inc. RISCMark, RM5230, RM5260,
RM5270, RM52xx, RM5231, RM5261, RM5271, RM52x1, RM57xx and RM7000 are trademarks of QED,
Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. 


/CONTACT: Joanie Colby of Simon/McGarry Public Relations, 650-596-5880, 
or [email protected], for Quantum Effect Design, Inc.; or Brian Chadderton 
of ATI Technologies, 905-882-2600, or [email protected]/ 

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