Marsh Supermarkets Installing ACM Self Checkout

04:15 p.m Apr 01, 1999 Eastern

INDIANAPOLIS, April 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Marsh Supermarkets, Inc. announced today an agreement to install ACM(R) Self Checkout in the second quarter of 1999. The ACM(R) Automated Checkout Machine is a product of Productivity Solutions, Inc. (PSI) of Jacksonville, Florida.

Robert Ahlstrom, Chief Information Officer for Marsh, stated, "It is our continued focus at Marsh to provide shopper convenience by initiating programs that improve customer service, which is the reason we are interested in offering ACM self checkout to our shoppers. We believe that the ACM's ability to handle any size order at any time will allow the system to serve an even broader spectrum of interested shoppers than other self checkout systems we have tested."

"We look forward to working with Marsh Supermarkets as they introduce all the benefits of ACM self checkout to their family of customers," said David C. Fries, President and CEO of Productivity Solutions, Inc. "Reduced lines for all shoppers, whether they use ACMs or not, and less waiting are just a few of the examples of the superior customer service possible with ACM Self Checkout. We are confident that Marsh shoppers will respond to ACMs as shoppers have at other locations across the country. They will enjoy using the ACMs because the system allows them to control the checkout process and save time. That's the magic of ACM Self Checkout -- superior customer service."

The ACM(R) Automated Checkout Machine Description: The system is comprised of user-friendly, shopper-operated checkout lanes that resemble conventional checkout lanes. Shoppers simply scan their items at one of the ACM lanes, then either pay at the lane or proceed to a centrally located ACM paystation to pay. The system is easy to use and is equipped with both touch screen and voice synthesized assistance. It is secure because the patented ACM security system checks each item's characteristics against a complete security database and it is accurate because the ACM is fully integrated with the store's point- of-sale (POS) system which allows real-time price and description verification as the shopper scans. ACM is a front-end checkout system that is different from other self checkout products because it focuses on full customer service by offering service to any shopper in the store. It is not limited to small orders or registered shoppers.

Productivity Solutions is the leading provider of automated self checkout solutions in the US with the largest installation base and most shopper usage. The Company provides retailers with industry-leading software and systems designed specifically to enhance productivity while improving customer service. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, the company maintains offices across the US.

Marsh is a leading regional chain operating 72 Marsh and 17 LoBill supermarkets, and 172 Village Pantry(R) convenience stores in central Indiana and western Ohio. The Company also operates Convenience Store Distributing Company(R), a wholesale distributor serving 1,300 non-affilliated stores in eight states, and Crystal Food Services(TM), a specialist in catering, business cafeteria management, vending and concessions. SOURCE Marsh Supermarkets

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