April 14, 1999 13:29

-ASTRA: Europe Online Networks SA to launch "Internet in the sky"
via Astra 19.2deg East 

M2 PRESSWIRE-14 April 1999-ASTRA: Europe Online Networks SA to launch "Internet in the sky" via
Astra 19.2deg East (C)1994-99 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD 

Europe Online Networks S.A. has contracted two transponders on the ASTRA Satellite System at
192degrees East to launch its "Internet in the Sky" service. The service will be uplinked to ASTRA from
SES' ground station in Betzdorf, Luxembourg. 

"With Europe Online's 'Internet in the Sky' service, Europe will leapfrog the rest of the world", said
Candace Johnson, President of Europe Online Networks S.A. "Ordinary citizens will be able to gain
access to the Internet using existing end-user devices such as televisions and telephones combining their
existing "broadcast" connections such as home satellite and broadband cable with existing return channel
ADSL, ISDN and Digital Power Line technology. Our 'Internet in the Sky' will allow European
mass-consumer access to a richer, more varied, broadband Internet complete with streamed video, virtual
games and worlds, directly downloadable digital products such as CD's, video clips and software for
e-commerce as well as casting and web casting for corporate and private networks and caching and
professional services for ISP's. By taking two full transponders on the ASTRA Satellite System, we will be
operating the largest mass consumer 'Internet in the Sky' service in the world," concluded Candace

States Romain Bausch, Director General and Chairman of the Management Committee of SES: "The
ASTRA Satellite System is evolving from a broadcast platform into a space based "multimedia kiosk",
along the lines pursued by SES and SES Multimedia. The digitalization of satellite transmissions allows
not only for high quality digital TV and radio services, but also for new innovative services like Internet and
e-commerce, in line with SES" strategy of providing state of the art communications for the electronic
society (e-society)." 

Europe Online's 'Internet in the Sky' is receivable throughout Europe on Personal Computer's via plug-in
satellite PC cards or Internet-ready digital set top boxes connected to small ASTRA dishes oriented at
the orbital location of 19.20 East. Commercial deployment will start on May 15th, 1999. The DVB/MPEG
2 compatible reception technology also offers access to more than 100 digital TV, radio, Internet and
multimedia services transmitted free-to-air via the ASTRA Satellite System. 

CONTACT: Yves Feltes, Press Relations Manager/SES Tel: +352 710 72 51 WWW: http:www.astra.lu
Candace Johnson, President, Europe Online Networks S.A. Tel: +352 719 785 Fax: +352 719 787 e-mail:
[email protected] WWW: http://www.europeonline.com WWW: http://www.internetinthesky.com 

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