FUJITSU: Fujitsu Personal Systems unveils Windows CE pen computer        
                            (M2 Presswire; 04/13/99)                            

   M2 PRESSWIRE-13 April 1999-FUJITSU: Fujitsu Personal Systems unveils Windows 
 CE pen computer (C)1994-99 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD

   * First H/PC Pro pen tablet optimized for Working Mobility

   CORONADO, Calif. -- Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. (FPSI), the world leader  
in the Windows pen tablet market, today demonstrated the PenCentra 130 at the  
DemoMobile 99 Conference in Coronado. This H/PC Pro pen computer is optimized  
for mobile workforce applications such as field services, home healthcare and  
merchandising, and features indoor/outdoor color displays, numerous  
connectivity options, and a rugged ergonomic design.

   "Windows CE will be a vital component in delivering enterprise solutions to  
mobile workers. Fujitsu's new PenCentra is a great hardware platform for  
vertical applications and I'm delighted that Fujitsu chose DemoMobile 99 as the 
 venue to debut this new Windows CE computer," commented Chris Shipley,  
executive producer of The Demo Conferences.

   "The PenCentra 130 extends FPSI's product family of full-featured pen  
computers across all Windows operating systems. From CE to NT, FPSI has mobile  
computing solutions that provide mobile workers with on-the-spot decision  
support," stated Louis Panetta, FPSI president and CEO.

   The PenCentra 130 will ship in September, in time for FPSI's annual showcase 
 for pen-based solutions, the Working Mobility Expo.

   In addition to a small, lightweight form factor, low cost and long battery  
life, PenCentra features include:

   * Rugged Ergonomic Design: four-foot drop specification, rubber handgrips,  
durable **touchscreen** digitizer

   * Indoor/Outdoor Displays: two 8" VGA color displays, one for indoor/outdoor 
 use-a first for Windows CE-and one for indoors only

   * Built-in Connectivity: two PC Card slots; 56K V.90 modem; audio; IrDA, RS- 
232 serial, PS/2 keyboard/mouse, and USB ports; and high-usage docking contacts

   * Performance: 131MHz NEC processor, 16-bit video accelerator with 1MB  
SGRAM, and 16MB SDRAM memory

   * Software/Storage: 24MB system ROM and 8MB Flash ROM for user storage.  
Bundled software includes productivity applications, pen support, handwriting  
recognizers, thin client support, and software development kit.

   About Fujitsu Personal Systems

   Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. (FPSI) is the undisputed leader in the  
Windows pen tablet market. The Company's mission is to extend the benefits of  
Working Mobility to the broadest possible base of workers. FPSI focuses on  
mobile decision support applications for large organizations and government  
institutions, and is supported by a worldwide network of certified VARs and  
system integrators. FPSI's state-of-the-art pen tablet PCs feature advanced CPU 
 performance, extensive connectivity options and long battery life in compact,  
lightweight form-factors.

   Fujitsu Personal Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, a  
leading information technology provider with global revenues of $37.7 billion.  
FPSI (408-982-9500) has headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., and offices  
throughout North America and Europe. For more information please call 800-831- 
3183 or visit

   CONTACT: Tom Bayens, Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc. Tel: +1 408 982-9500 e- 
mail: [email protected] Alice Aoki, Sterling Communications, Inc.  
Tel: +1 408 441-4100 e-mail: [email protected]

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