Sigma Designs Demonstrates Streaming Digital Video Technology at 1999       
                National Association of Broadcasters Convention                
                       (Business Wire; 04/19/99)                       

 LAS VEGAS (April 19) BUSINESS WIRE -April 19, 1999--  See the Latest Streaming 
Video Solutions Using MPEG-2 Technology at Sigma Designs' Booth No. S1227 at 
NAB'99, April 19-22, at the

              Sands Convention Center -- Las Vegas

Sigma Designs, Inc. (Nasdaq:SIGM), a leader in digital video solutions for 
personal computers, today announced that Sigma Designs has partnered with a 
number of leading companies to demonstrate the REALmagic NetStream playback 
card in digital video streaming applications at the 1999 National Association 
of Broadcasters Convention (NAB'99), April 19-22 in Las Vegas.

The technology will be featured in Sigma's booth, No. S1227 at the Sands 
Convention Center, and in the booths of over 25 partner companies, including 
Microsoft, Compaq, Oracle, Silicon Graphics, and Philips.

NetStream 2 is an add-in card for Windows PCs that works with standard VGA and 
network cards to play broadcast-quality streaming MPEG-2 video. MPEG-2 is the 
accepted broadcast industry standard for digital video transmission. NetStream 
2 offers the flexibility of supporting a multitude of networking standards. 
Sigma's partners will demonstrate streaming video solutions using satellite, 
ADSL, Ethernet, and ATM.

NetStream 2's compatibility with standard Windows 95/98 and NT computers makes 
its technology very affordable and easy to implement. For example, Compaq and 
Sigma will demonstrate how, using Microsoft's NetShow Theater Server, 
commercial applications will be able to use NetStream 2 to display broadcast-
quality video on PCs.

"We've seen a tremendous explosion of interest in streaming video with 
NetStream 2," commented William K. Wong, Sigma Designs' vice president of 
marketing. "In the past year, the technology has improved dramatically, and 
virtually every exhibitor on the NAB show floor exhibiting Windows-based MPEG 
solutions is using a NetStream 2 card." The following Sigma partners will 
demonstrate applications utilizing Sigma's NetStream 2 MPEG decoder card, 
optimized for network video streaming and video on demand (VOD) applications:

Compaq Computer Corp. (Booth S6938) -- Demonstrating high-performance MPEG-2 
video-on-demand solutions featuring powerful Compaq servers, ATM networking, 
and Compaq client PCs equipped with REALmagic NetStream 2 cards.

Concurrent Computer (Booth L1238)

CyberStar (Booth S5616) -- Playing video directly from a DVB satellite using 
NetStream 2 to decode MPEG-2 video. (Booth S5336)

Framerate (Booth L15955)

Heuris (Booth S9468) -- Demonstrating the Heuris MPEG Power Professional MPEG 
encoder with REALmagic Hollywood Plus for playback

InfoValue Computing (Booth S8244) -- Demonstrating a wide variety of networked 
video solutions featuring NetStream 2

InnovaCom (Booth S9171) (Booth S2059)

Ligos Technology

Microsoft Corporation (Booth S5638) -- Demonstrating the NetShow Theater video 
server to leverage Windows Media Player technology to offer an easy to 
integrate, compatible solution for MPEG-2 video-on-demand (NetStream 2-

Minerva Systems (Booth S6659) -- Demonstrating the Minerva VNP encoder with the 
Silicon Graphics MediaBase video server and NetStream 2 for decoding

Miralite Communications (Booth S4844) -- Demonstrating a video delivery 
solution that uses the Sigma Designs set-top box

MPO Videotronics (Booth S5244)

NDS Americas (Booth S3938) -- Demonstrating satellite video playback on the 
desktop using NetStream 2

OptiVision (Booth S8644) -- Demonstrating its MPEG-2 encoder to stream MPEG 
over Ethernet networks using IP multicasting with NetStream 2 as the decoder

Oracle Corporation (Booth S3359) -- Demonstrating Oracle Video Server software 
to play live, stored, and time-shifted streaming video on PCs using NetStream 2 
and on embedded set-top boxes using Sigma's EM8220 decoder silicon

Philips (Booth L24001) -- Demonstrating the Philips CleverCast PC--an end to 
end data broadcasting solution for DVB satellites--to play satellite video with 
SmartCard decryption support using NetStream 2 for decoding.

SeaChange International (Booth L10746) -- Demonstrating NetStream 2 installed 
in both client and head-end turnkey applications.

Silicon Graphics (Booth S3315) -- Demonstrating its MediaBase server playing 
video on PCs equipped with NetStream 2.

Vibrint Technologies (Booth L13126) -- Demonstrating NetStream 2 in its 
computer-based digital news production system -- an all-in-one solution to 
capture, edit, and air news for broadcast by network affiliates and other major 
news organizations.

VSoft Ltd. (Booth S6535) -- Demonstrating the VideoClick video server -- using 
NetStream 2 for decoding -- a video-on-demand solution for corporate marketing, 
education professionals, and other users who need to share, annotate, and work 
with video over their corporate/organizational networks.

Key broadcast applications for NetStream 2 that are being developed with these 
corporate partners include video editing and production, DVD authoring, 
distributed video kiosks, telemedicine, distance learning and training, and 
high-performance videoconferencing, as well as satellite reception and consumer 
set-top box applications.

NetStream 2 solutions are already being developed in most of these areas, as 
well as interactive retail sales kiosks, video-on-demand projects for hotels, 
cruise ships, and airplanes, and video-enabled automated teller machines 
(ATMs). NetStream products are already installed in major "seed" projects 
including a leading cruise line, a major hotel chain, an electric utility, an 
in-home ADSL video-on-demand project, a nationwide military training project, 
and several campus-wide deployments at leading universities.

About Sigma Designs

Sigma Designs is an acknowledged leader in the fast-growing multimedia market. 
Sigma entered the multimedia market in 1993 with products based on the MPEG 
(Moving Picture Experts Group) standard for compressing and decompressing 
digital audio and video signals. Sigma has been a driving force in advancement 
of the MPEG technology used in most multimedia PCs on the market today.

Sigma Designs' products include affordable MPEG decoding hardware used in PCs, 
notebook computers, and networked video applications. All Sigma products are 
sold worldwide through a direct sales force, distributors, and original 
equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For additional information, call 800/845-8086, 
408/262-9003, fax 408/957-0740, or visit Sigma's web site at

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