USAFCU Takes Online Banking To The Streets

07:16 a.m. Apr 26, 1999 Eastern

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 26, 1999--USA Federal Credit Union of Troy, Michigan is taking online banking to the streets, with TouchTeller(tm), a turnkey transactional kiosk designed for credit unions.

On March 19, 1999, TouchTeller opened for business for members of USAFCU-accepting online membership applications, opening new accounts, and dispensing withdrawal checks, laser signed and MICR printed. "This adds a new channel to our remote delivery strategy," announced Dorothy Nouhan, President of USAFCU. "We already serve our members round-the-clock through remote channels such as home banking and phone banking. Kiosks complete the picture."

TouchTeller automates complex member service transactions, such as reviewing detailed account histories, requesting full statements and stop-payments, and re-ordering boxes of checks. TouchTeller can display up to 96 personalized screens that showcase USAFCU's products and services-it can even link a vehicle loan applicant to a car-pricing service specified by the credit union. Product and service screens link to online applications with onscreen signature capture so members can sign up on the spot. "Our members can transfer money and make payments," said Tom Alter, Vice President of Marketing. "When a member completes a loan application, the kiosk pre-fills part of it from our database."

For several months, USAFCU has been working closely with FiTECH Systems, a leading data processor, and North Communications, a leader in interactive kiosk technology, to create a public access remote delivery channel that meets the unique requirements of credit unions. Mark Roberson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FiTECH, said, "USAFCU played an important role in defining the needs of credit unions. North was able to provide the technology and FiTECH could provide the infrastructure."

USAFCU has a history of "going the extra mile" to reach its membership. With members in all 50 states, USAFCU promoted early use of home banking, and USAFCU members are far above the national average in use of home banking. With the accessibility of an ATM, and the functionality of a Web site, TouchTeller rounds out USAFCU's delivery strategy, especially to members in remote locations and those who do not have Web access. "For years I have wanted to expand our remote delivery to our members," Nouhan explained, "but until now this technology was not perfected."

USAFCU plans to deploy TouchTellers next to ATMs. "They work together," Alter said. "Kiosks are for comprehensive transactions-you can learn about and join our credit union. ATMs handle quick cash transactions." Nouhan observed, "By placing a TouchTeller and an ATM together in a vestibule, we give our members total financial service at the touch of a finger--anytime."

TouchTeller displays easy-to-use screens that integrate a credit union's existing Web pages. "We can keep in touch with our members remotely by displaying a look our members recognize," said Mary McDonald, Executive Vice President at USAFCU. "By increasing touchpoints," added Rick Rommel, Senior Vice President of Marketing at North, "USAFCU is addressing a key credit union challenge-maintaining frequent contact with members. TouchTeller brings USAFCU to its members where they live, work, and play." About FiTECH Systems

FiTECH Systems has specialized in providing credit union data processing solutions since 1977. Beginning with MANAGER and continuing with its current flagship product, MANAGER GOLD, FiTECH offers a complete range of on-line and in-house services to credit unions. MANAGER GOLD is a Windows-based data processing system that offers credit unions user-friendly, graphical on-line delivery. It features components vital for credit union automation including: advanced cross selling and sales tracking, signature and photo identification, on-line help, integrated loan origination and general ledger accounting. For more information on FiTECH Systems contact Claire Stenger, marketing support manager, at 800-275-4374, or write to 3098 Piedmont Road, Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30305. The FAX number is 404-233-4815. Visit FiTECH's Web site at

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