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San Jose company will introduce a system today that it says will allow users to record music and video games onto a CD while they wait. PersonalDisc Inc. says its kiosk-based system, known as EntertainMart, will carry the latest albums and video game titles, as well as older recordings. The company hopes to have 50 kiosks in place in malls around the country by Christmas.
The system will feature four booths on either side of each kiosk. Each booth will contain a CD-recordable device and printers to print out art for the CDs and for the jewel cases. The kiosks will also have television sets featuring ads from content providers and for other music- or video-game-related products.
"One of the beauties of this system is that we can accommodate the differences in regional taste," said Stephen A. Saller Sr., president and chief executive of PersonalDisc. "We can put different content on our machines in Memphis than we would in Denver or Seattle."
Saller said a 60-minute album with 12 to 16 songs is expected to cost from $20 to $30. Video games will sell for $36 to $50.
Saller hopes also to stock software selections and plans to update the kiosks with cutting-edge technology such as recordable DVD drives as it becomes available. Company officials say they are negotiating contracts with record and video game companies and malls.
Saller said the system will first be available in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas and the San Francisco Bay Area this fall.

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