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    Web-Based HR Applications Tightly Integrate With PeopleSoft 7

 SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Edify Corporation (Nasdaq: EDFY), 
an Internet and voice e-Commerce portal solution provider, announced today the 
successful deployment of its leading Web-based Employee Service System at 
Transamerica Corporation (NYSE: TA), a diversified financial services company.  
This suite of applications, named Handy Online Transaction or "HOT" within 
Transamerica, enables Transamerica's employees located throughout the U.S. to 
automatically update and obtain information -- "any time, anywhere" -- without 
paperwork or the assistance of human resource staff.  The applications were up 
and running within six months from the date of purchase.  They are tightly 
integrated to Transamerica's PeopleSoft 7 HRMS system, via the Employee Service 
System integration server.  Unique development and configuration tools within 
the Employee Service System enabled Edify's Professional Services Group to 
successfully deploy as well as customize the look and feel of the Web-based 
applications so that they are consistent with other Transamerica applications 
and paper forms and reflect Transamerica's corporate identity.

"Within one week of HOT going live, we received very enthusiastic, unsolicited 
reviews from our employees," said Brett Garlick, director of HR Technology 
Services, Transamerica Corporation.  "The successful rollout culminates a 
process started at last year's national IHRIM conference in Nashville, during 
which we identified the leading employee self service vendors.  After asking 
them to come to Transamerica for a personal demonstration, we asked the best of 
them to prepare a proof of concept. Edify's software package, its integration 
to PeopleSoft 7, along with its development tools, object-oriented drag and 
drop configuration, and easy maintenance, set it apart as the clear choice for 

Garlick said Transamerica plans to roll out additional Edify applications for 
benefits open enrollment, time and attendance and manager self service over 

"Transamerica joins a growing number of enterprises successfully deploying our 
leading employee facing self service suite of applications and benefiting from 
our tight integration to PeopleSoft," said Kevin Dobbs, director of Edify's 
Employee Relationship Management Group.  "Our goal is to automate redundant HR 
business processes in order to free personnel to focus on providing a higher 
level of service, while giving employees and managers more control and access 
to their benefits, payroll, and HR policies and procedures."

    Employee Service System -- The Industry's Leading Human Resource Self

     Service Solution

    The Edify Employee Service System is an integrated suite of self

service applications that strengthens relationships between organizations and 
employees by streamlining, automating and managing the workflow of numerous HR 
processes such as open enrollment and performance reviews, and by performing 
personal information updates, electronic paystub retrieval, and more.  Among 
Edify's human resources customers are 13 of the Top 100 U.S. employers, and 46 
of the Top 500 employers.

The Employee Service System integrates with a wide range of back office systems 
such as PeopleSoft, SAP and Tesseract.  It is the only solution that extends 
the reach of self service for true "anytime, anywhere" service with a variety 
of access options including Web, telephone and kiosk.

The Employee Service System provides an extended, open architecture, powerful 
visual development tools, and is based on Microsoft's Windows NT(R) platform 
for excellent scalability, security and integration with data sources 
throughout the enterprise.

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