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The Network Connection, Inc.   Signs Definitive Agreement With   Interactive  
                           Flight Technologies, Inc.                           
                       (Business Wire; 05/03/99)                       

INC. (TNCi) (Nasdaq: TNCX) has signed a definitive asset purchase and sale 
Wilbur L. Riner, Chairman and CEO of TNCi, announced today.

 Under the terms of the transaction IFT will merge the business of its 
Interactive Entertainment Division plus $5 million in cash for newly issued 
shares of TNCi stock, providing IFT with a 60% interest in the Company.

 The merger is scheduled to close on or before May 15, 1999, primarily subject 
to completion of a fairness opinion, as well as other conditions set forth in 
the definitive agreement.

 Mr. Riner stated that, "As a show of confidence in the transaction and of its 
commitment to TNCi, IFT has already advanced to TNCi $750,000 toward the $5 
million investment, and has been providing TNCi with substantial assistance 
toward furthering its business prospects through proactive management 
involvement since signing the Letter of Intent on February 4, 1999. In 
addition, IFT is purchasing from a third party 1, 500 shares of TNCi's Series B 
8% Convertible Preferred Stock, adding another $2,300,000 to its investment in 

 Separately, effective April 25, 1999, TNCi has accepted the resignation of its 
two independent outside directors, Arthur Bauer and Marc Doyle, who will be 
replaced with IFT appointed directors, after completion of the merger.

 Additionally, the Company announced that it has received notification from 
both NASDAQ and the Boston Stock Exchange that it no longer meets the 
requirements for continued listing, and that it must submit to NASDAQ and the 
Boston Stock Exchange its proposal for achieving compliance within a specified 
date. The Company believes that this transaction with IFT should allow TNCi to 
meet the listing requirements.

 TNCi designs, manufactures and installs interactive information and 
entertainment systems which are used to deliver a personal, on-demand, full-
motion video experience to passengers via high performance networks in aircraft 
(AirView[R]), cruise ships (CruiseView[tm]), trains (TrainView[R]) and hotels 
(InnView[tm]). This is achieved by the use of TNCi's family of Cheetah Video 
Servers and transPORTAL tools. (See more about TNCi at

 IFT's computer-based In-Flight Entertainment System provides aircraft 
passengers the opportunity to view movies, to play computer games and, where 
permitted, to gamble through an in-seat video touch screen. The system can also 
support interactive advertising and shopping.

 Statements in this press release that are not descriptions of historical facts 
may be forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, 
including economic, competitive and technological factors affecting the 
Company's operations, markets, products, services and prices, as well as other 
specific factors discussed in the Company's filings with the Securities and 
Exchange Commission. These and other factors may cause actual results to differ 
materially from those anticipated.

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