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         Innovative NCR/Infopoint Interactive Kiosk Solution          Can 
Reduce Errors and Speed Photo Processing Orders

 ATLANTA, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- NCR Corporation and Infopoint Systems today 
introduced Xpress Film Check-In, an interactive self-service kiosk solution 
that makes it faster, simpler and more convenient for consumers to submit 
photographic film or negatives for development and printing.

(Photo: ) Rather than 
having to manually fill out an envelope for each roll of film or reprint order, 
shoppers will be able to complete their photo processing transactions quickly 
and easily with the user-friendly NCR/Infopoint solution.

The consumer initiates a typical Xpress Film Check-In transaction by simply 
touching the screen of the NCR interactive retail web kiosk, swiping a credit, 
debit, or store loyalty card, and presenting a roll of film to the built-in bar 
code scanner.  The intuitive application prompts the customer with appropriate 
choices, then prints the order on either a film-processing envelope or a peel-
and-press label.

Because Xpress Film Check-In leads the consumer clearly and easily through all 
the relevant processing options, prompting for appropriate decisions along the 
way, it improves transaction speed and accuracy. At the same time, it 
eliminates errors that can result from misinterpretation of customer 

Xpress Film Check-In can also be customized to promote additional services or 
products to consumers via screen-based text or multimedia messages.  This is an 
added benefit for shoppers who appreciate knowing about special offers related 
to their photography needs, and it increases revenue opportunities for 

"Xpress Film Check-In is the best thing that could happen for millions of 
consumers who enjoy photography but have precious little time to hassle with 
time-consuming conventional film processing transactions," said Dan Bogan, 
NCR's vice president for Retail Industry Marketing. "Best of all, it sharply 
reduces the likelihood of order processing errors -- thus making the experience 
an efficient and positive one for consumers and retailers."

"Infopoint is pleased to partner with NCR to provide a solution loaded with 
business value for retailers seeking to lower costs, enhance revenue through 
cross-selling at the point-of-service, and cultivate valuable relationships 
with loyal customers," said Aidan Joyce, group managing director of Infopoint 

Xpress Film Check-In is designed to manage the entire photographic processing 
cycle, from the submission of an order, through processing, to placement of 
completed orders in collection points for customer pick-up.  List price for a 
standard configuration is $17,380, which includes a single kiosk with base 
software and the Xpress Film Check-In application.  For a retailer with 200 to 
300 photo processing transactions per day, NCR projects a payback on investment 
in approximately 12 months.

The Xpress Film Check-In solution is scheduled to be available in the United 
States and Europe in June, 1999, and will be sold through direct and indirect 
channels.  Availability in other locations will be announced at a later date.

In addition to the application software and the NCR 7401 kiosk with an NCR 
presentation scanner, the Xpress Film Check-In solution also includes NCR's 
Retail Self-Service Application Suite -- a robust software foundation for 
development of additional customer service applications, such as product 
locator and price finder.

As part of a complete retail self-service solution offering, NCR also provides 
industry consulting services, servers, and a full suite of retail store support 
services, including on-site and remote maintenance support.

    About Infopoint

    Infopoint Systems, based in Galway, Ireland, is a specialist in

the development and implementation of high value added interactive multimedia 
solutions. More information about Infopoint Systems may be found on the 
Internet at

    About NCR

    NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is in the business of transforming

transactions into relationships.  NCR is a recognized world leader in data 
warehousing solutions, ATMs, point-of-service, high performance scanners, and 
support services for retail, financial and national accounts markets.  NCR's 
business solutions are built on the foundation of the company's long- 
established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding software, 
global customer support services, a complete line of consumable and media 
products, and world-leading hardware technology.  NCR's Retail Solutions Group, 
headquartered in the greater Atlanta area, is a leading provider of retail data 
warehousing and store automation solutions worldwide.  More information about 
NCR and its solutions may be found on the Internet at

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