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                        (PR Newswire; 05/03/99)                        

              PNC Bank-Sponsored Smart Card Installation

 Brings Together Financial, Access Control and Toll Applications on Single Card

 PHOENIX, May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Through an agreement with PNC Bank, the 
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) recently installed Touch Technology 
International's (TTI) CardTouch system to support a smart card program for 
employees at its main administration facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 
Employees are using the card to access the toll road, gain entrance to the 
building and to make purchases in the cafeteria and at vending machines.  The 
system uses a Gemplus hybrid card, which incorporates both contact and 
contactless chip technology. The program went live on March 5, 1999.

"The use of the smart card in our administration building is very exciting," 
said Deborah Jubelirer, assistant director of marketing and a project manager 
for PTC's Electronic Toll Collection.  "We will have the ability to integrate 
features of the technology and at the same time introduce Turnpike employees to 
smart card technology by allowing them to experience its uses and conveniences 
first hand."

Commenting on future plans, Jubelirer added, "Our ultimate goal is to have the 
card available to our customers to pay for tolls and other purchases on the 
Turnpike.  Beyond any doubt, the smart card has tremendous value and potential 
in making our lives and jobs easier and less complicated."

"TTI is very proud to be a part of the Pennsylvania Turnpike's smart card 
initiative," said Bill Hussey, TTI president and CEO.  "The Commission has a 
rich tradition of innovation and first class customer service."

Don Gleason, TTI executive vice president, provided further perspective on the 
significance of the program, "With this implementation, CardTouch brings 
financial, access control and toll applications together on a single card. It's 
the beginning of what will be a very strong trend."  TTI's CardTouch system has 
also been used in support of college campuses, military installations, and 

Customer convenience and enhanced cash flow for the Commonwealth were just two 
of the many reasons PNC Bank is committed to this technology and excited about 
the PTC agreement.

"Through this agreement, we can use our established strength in smart card 
technology and processing to enhance our very valuable relationship with the 
Commonwealth," said Janet Mendenhall, vice president and general manager of PNC 
Bank Merchant Services.  "And this technology offers unlimited potential for 
convenience in the areas of tolls, parking and transit -- issues that affect 
virtually all of our customers."

Gemplus Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Michael Crosno is also 
optimistic on the prospects for contactless smart card technology in transit 
and toll applications.  "Gemplus is excited to see this technology deployed in 
a live practical application with such a strong business case for future 
growth.  We applaud the cooperative efforts of PNC, the Turnpike Commission and 

TTI used the contactless features of the card to enable a "touch-and-go" 
transaction to gain access via the toll road.  Access to the building is 
controlled in similar fashion with the same card adapted to the existing 
security system.  Once inside the building, employees can load value to the 
card using a kiosk that provides access to personal bank accounts.  The cards 
can then be used to make purchases in the cafeteria and at vending machines 
throughout the complex.  To facilitate acceptance, TTI integrated a smart card 
terminal with the electronic cash register used by the cafeteria operator.

    About Touch Technology International, Inc.

    Founded in 1991, Touch Technology International provides turnkey

smart card solutions, systems integration services and back office operations 
support for smart card systems.  Since its inception, TTI's sole focus has been 
the smart card industry.  With over 65 employees, TTI has become a leader in 
the design, development and deployment of smart card systems.  TTI offers 
CardTouch as a non-branded solution, which may be licensed by third parties to 
implement industry-specific smart card based systems.  For more information on 
TTI and CardTouch, visit

    About the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

    The Pennsylvania Turnpike provides more than 506 miles of limited

access toll highway.  With approximately 2,300 employees the Pennsylvania 
Turnpike Commission manages 20 maintenance facilities; operates 51 fare 
collection facilities including 39 interchanges on a ticket collection system; 
five mainline toll plazas and seven ramp barrier plazas; and oversees the 
operation of 22 service plazas and two traveler information centers.  For more 
information on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, see

    About PNC Bank Corp.

    PNC Bank Corp., headquartered in Pittsburgh, is one of the largest

diversified financial services organizations in the United States.  Its major 
businesses include Regional Community Banking, Corporate Banking, Private 
Banking, Mortgage Banking, Secured Finance, Asset Management and Mutual Fund 
Servicing.  Visit PNC Bank on the World Wide Web at

    About Gemplus S.C.A.

    Gemplus S.C.A. is the world's leading provider of smart cards.

For more information on Gemplus, visit  SOURCE  Touch 
Technology International, Inc.

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