The Intelligent Kiosk Company, a U-Ship Subsidiary, Finalizes Joint Venture With Intuitive Solutions

MINNEAPOLIS (BUSINESS WIRE) - May 3, l999--U-Ship, Inc. (Nasdaq: USHP), doing business as United Shipping and Technology, announced today that its subsidiary, the Intelligent Kiosk Company(TM) (IQK), has completed a joint venture agreement with Intuitive Solutions, St. Paul, Minnesota, to be the exclusive supplier of internet-based job kiosks.

After a successful Twin Cities test market effort, Intuitive Solutions is now rolling out its proprietary job kiosk system. Three major contracts have already awarded, expected to generate at least 1.5 million dollars each. Contracts have been signed with the "St. Paul Pioneer Press," the Fort Wayne Newspapers and the "Indianapolis Star News" newspaper. In Fort Wayne, eighteen kiosks are currently installed and thirty will be placed in Indianapolis.

According to Robert Bro, President of Intuitive Solutions, growth will continue to be rapid in l999. "We are planning the deployment of these intelligent job kiosks by newspaper chains in at least two additional major markets by the end of the year," he said. "In September, we will implement a fourteen job kiosk test program for a national restaurant chain with 15,000 sites."

In late l998, IQK developed an intelligent kiosk for job placement and recruitment advertising with Intuitive Solutions. Now in over thirty Twin Cities locations, the "St. Paul Pioneer Press" JobView(tm) Employment Kiosk Network results in an average of 40,000 active access hits per month and is a cost-effective way of reaching job seekers.

Intuitive Solution's kiosks are unique internet appliances for on-line job applications. Unlike a web site, the kiosk is an actual "appliance," activated by the Internet. It offers a range of interactive functions that allow job seekers to fill out and submit job applications, search job data bases and access detailed information about a specific job. The user-friendly system provides cardswipes, touch screens, keyboards, speakers and printers. The units are ADA compliant. Tim Becker, President of the Intelligent Kiosk Company, said the new job-posting kiosk is just one example of future intelligent kiosk applications. "The initial acceptance and use of the Intuitive Solutions kiosks indicates explosive growth in just this single category. By the year 2000, industry sales of computer-aided kiosks across all business sectors are expected to grow to three billion dollars, a forty percent annual growth rate."

IQK builds kiosks for the courier, shipping and non-shipping industries. The company specializes in the development and production of highly intelligent, interactive mobile or fixed-place kiosks with a high degree of durability and designs for special needs. Contact IQK at 1-800-433-2066, or visit the web site at for more information. The company can also be contacted via e-mail at [email protected].

Some of the information in this release is forward-looking and subject to certain risks as described in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the company's Form 10-K for fiscal year ended June 30, l998.

Contact: Peter Lytle Chairman and CEO United Shipping and Technology, 612/941-4080, x113 or Tim Becker President Intelligent Kiosk Company 612/941-4080, x144 Web site: or Robert Bro President Intuitive Solutions 612/891-1660

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