Wednesday 5 May 1999 12:43pm

UK public to get information kiosks.

Nearly three quarters of the 120m invested by the UK government in the latest round of its 'Invest to Save' initiative is to be spent on electronic interfaces with public systems.
HM Treasury has approved 10 of the 33 projects which applied to the scheme - granting a total of 86.787m in funding.

HM Land Registry's project for an online system to provide land and property information through a central database was awarded 2.7m. The Inland Revenue's pilot to provide online central and local government information was given 200,000.

The Department for Education and Employment also benefited. Its JobCentre information pilot to provide careers advice through a call centre was granted 2.912m, while its Single Work Focused Gateway - which is developing a call centre to provide claimants information - received over 79m

The initiative is designed to fund projects which help save time and money for ordinary people using public services. Over the next three years 230m will be available to fund projects from the Invest to Save Budget.

Suzanna Kerridge

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