Landis & Gyr Communications introduces new combined payphone Trilogy®

Landis & Gyr Communications, the world’s leading supplier of payphones and payphone technology has recently introduced the Trilogy® payphones. The Trilogy® represents an evolution in payphone development, by offering exceptional performance, reliability, and adaptability to future applications.

Designed to maximise potential use and ease of operation for consumers and payphone operators, Trilogy® payphones integrate the most advanced and secure payphone technology. The Trilogy® payphone is equipped to identify a wide range of coins, including the new bicolour coins, sandwich coins, and plated coins. Trilogy® payphones also can accept virtually any type of chip card, including synchronous, asynchronous, and electronic purse cards, as well as magnetic cards.

The Trilogy® payphone integrates state-of-the-art security, through tracking and tracing; timing control; and, anti-emulation. In addition, up to four security modules can be installed on the standard board, with an additional four on an add-on PCB..

Landis & Gyr Communications is recognised as the world’s preferred payphone supplier, with over 3 million public and private payphones installed in more than 70 countries. Landis & Gyr Communications is also one of the leading manufacturers of chipcards in many application areas and a principal member of the Global Chipcard Alliance (GCA). Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Landis & Gyr Communications employs about 1’500 people worldwide.