Keyon Virtual Keyboard System from NetShift Software Ltd has received the highest 5star ranking from Hotfiles, ZDNet software library.

Keyon is a virtual keyboard development system. It enables the development of application independent virtual keyboards for use with touchscreens, kiosk terminals, Internet capable set-top boxes, industrial terminals, ATM machines or any system where a physical keyboard is undesirable. As well as keyboards it can also create launch pads for touch launching programs. Easily customized international keyboards key-sets and special function 'macro' keys. Full Win32 compliant.

For creating your own customized keyboards Keyon comes as a Keyon Builder Kit, which includes:
- Keyon Builder: the fully configurable development environment for creating brand new v keyboards from scratch or editing of user created and factory supplied keyboards
- Keyon Engine:ready to use application, runtime engine that drives the Keyon system; shipped with sample v keyboards: QWERTY, ABCDEF, Numeric
If there is no need for creating customized keyboards, the Keyon Engine can be used on its own, separately of Keyon Builder.

During the first five days there have been over three hundered Keyon downloads from ZDNet Hotfiles website!

Keyon Virtual Keyboard System is proving to be the best virtual option for touchscreen input.

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