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Jones Naughton's COMMUNITY MARQUEE Division Signs Marketing Deal to   Place   
                             1,200 Internet Kiosks                             
                       (Business Wire; 05/12/99)                       

LOS ANGELES (May 12) BUSINESS WIRE -May 12, 1999--  NICOM Telemanagement, Inc. 
Agrees to Negotiate Hotel Deals in Western

                        United States

Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. (OTC BB: JNNE), announced today it has 
signed an Internet Kiosk marketing deal with NICOM Telemanagement, Inc.

NICOM Telemanagement, Inc., a nine-year-old telecommunications and marketing 
firm based in San Diego, California, provides telecommunications services for 
over 100 hotels including operator services, long distance and credit card 
calls. NICOM also owns over 100 pay telephones installed in hotels throughout 
the Western United states.

Jones Naughton's agreement with NICOM Telemanagement calls for NICOM to utilize 
its extensive contacts in the hotel industry to assist Jones Naughton in 
placing 1,200 Internet Kiosks over the next five years in Southern California, 
Nevada and Arizona.

NICOM will support the implementation of this roll-out with its eight in-house 
sales representatives and 40 independent sales reps to place Jones Naughton's 
Internet Kiosks in prime hotel locations. Also, per the agreement, NICOM has 
agreed to sell eight banner advertisements per Kiosk at $50/month per 

John Winfield, President of NICOM, commented: "NICOM is pleased to be a part of 
Jones Naughton's vision to make Internet access readily available to the 
travelling public. As the public, at large, becomes more Internet dependent on 
a daily basis via e-mail, on-line banking, on-line trading, etc., the strategic 
placement of Internet access points will allow travelers to check messages, 
flight itineraries, stock quotes and the like 'on-the-fly' without having to 
connect a laptop computer to a phone jack." Mr. Winfield concluded, "I believe 
Jones Naughton is a leader in the advent of widespread deployment of public-
access Internet services."

Joseph Naughton, Chairman of Jones Naughton Entertainment, said: "With the 
signing of this marketing agreement, COMMUNITY MARQUEE will initiate a plan to 
offer all hotel guests lodging with a participating hotel, free e-mail access 
via our Internet Kiosk. Summit Research Associates, a technology assessment 
firm, has forecast that Internet access terminals will grow from an estimated 
5,000 units today to more than 100,000 terminals by the year 2002." Mr. 
Naughton added, "COMMUNITY MARQUEE intends to be a major facilitator of that 

Jim Cannon, President of COMMUNITY MARQUEE, agreed: "NICOM is well-connected to 
the hotel market. Our Internet Kiosk deployment will complement the current 
telecommunications services NICOM offers to their hotel clients. Further, the 
addition of our Kiosk program will allow NICOM to offer a wider array of 
services to future customers."


Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. is an information technology concern focused 
on combining traditional marketing methods with the latest advancements in 
Internet technology. Through its COMMUNITY MARQUEE Division, Jones Naughton 
provides interactive Internet, advertising and media buying services to a 
growing number of clients across the country.

Jones Naughton has also begun installing Internet kiosks in various hotels and 
is aggressively pursuing kiosk agreements with a number of national hotel 

Jones Naughton recently acquired, a Chico, California-based 
Internet company specializing in the production of streaming video infomercials 
over the Internet. offers Internet products and services to 
consumers via E-commerce solutions available on the World Wide Web. GoOn- is in the late stages of developing a virtual shopping mall Web site 
that will feature products that have traditionally only been available from 
infomercial companies advertising on broadcast television.

This press release contains forward-looking statements made pursuant to the 
safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. 
Expression of future goals and similar expressions reflecting something other 
than historical fact involve risks and uncertainties. The actual results the 
company achieves may differ materially from any forward-looking statements due 
to such risks and uncertainties.

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