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                        (PR Newswire; 05/11/99)                        

                    For Fiscal Second Quarter 1999

 HOUSTON, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Tidel Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATMS) today 
reported the financial results for its fiscal second quarter of 1999. The 
results for the three months and six months ended March 31, 1999, together with 
the comparable results from the same periods for fiscal 1998, are as follows:

                                                Three months ended Mar. 31,

                                                 1999               1998

    Revenues                                $10,286,247         $9,147,923

    Gross Profit                              3,379,032          3,457,574

    Income Before Taxes                       1,037,962          1,468,414

    Income Taxes                                412,000                 --

    Net Income                                  625,962          1,468,414

    Basic EPS                                     $0.04              $0.09

    Diluted EPS                                    0.04               0.09

                                                Six months ended Mar. 31,

                                                 1999               1998

    Revenues                                $17,346,940        $15,175,909

    Gross Profit                              5,721,112          5,656,079

    Income Before Taxes                       1,438,295          1,756,555

    Income Taxes                                560,000                 --

    Net Income                                  878,295          1,756,555

    Basic EPS                                     $0.06              $0.11

    Diluted EPS                                    0.05               0.10

    The company achieved record product sales for both the three-month

and six-month periods ended March 31, 1999 due to record shipments of ATM 
products.  Unit shipments increased 34% and 38% for the three-month and six-
month periods ended March 31, 1999, respectively, compared to the same periods 
a year ago.  These record shipments were due to strong demand for both models 
of the company's Ignition series ATM, which were introduced last October.

As expected, gross profit as a percentage of revenue declined from 37.8% for 
the second quarter of 1998 to 32.8% for the same period in 1999.  On a year-to-
date basis, gross profit as a percentage of revenue declined from 37.3% in 1998 
to 33.0% in 1999.  This decline is primarily the result of lower average sales 
prices for ATM products this year compared to last year.

The average sales prices for ATM products are lower than last year due to two 
factors.  First, prices for the company's Ignition series ATMs are slightly 
lower than sales prices for comparable products a year ago.  This is due to 
continued competition in the marketplace for low-cost cash dispensing 
equipment.  Second, the company has offered pricing discounts on its remaining 
inventories of AnyCard model ATMs, the predecessor of the Ignition series ATM. 
Gross profit as a percentage of sales is expected to improve upon the 
liquidation of the remaining AnyCard inventory.

Income before taxes decreased from approximately $1,468,000 in the second 
quarter of 1998 to $1,038,000 in the second quarter of 1999, or 29%, due to the 
previously noted decline in gross profit.  On a year-to-date basis, income 
before taxes decreased from approximately $1, 757,000 in 1998 to $1,438,000 in 
1999, or 18%.  Second quarter basic earnings per share were $.04 per share, as 
compared to $.09 per share for the second quarter in fiscal 1998.  On a year-to-
date basis, basic earnings per share were $.06 per share in 1999, as compared 
to $.11 per share in 1998.  The company's earnings in 1999 were subject to 
taxes at the statutory state and federal rates, while there was no provision 
for taxes in the same periods a year ago.

James T. Rash, Chief Executive Officer, said, "The first six months of fiscal 
1999 were very exciting and productive for Tidel.  We achieved record revenues 
and product shipments from our core ATM business, ended the quarter with a 
modest order backlog for the first time, and signed six new top-level 
distributors.  In this fiscal year, we introduced the Ignition series ATM, the 
breakthrough TACC IV time access cash controller, and the revolutionary 
Chameleon ITM, the industry's first Internet Transaction Machine.  During the 
past few weeks, we have consummated major customer contracts in each of the 
major product groups, which have provided a strong foundation for future 
growth.  We expect to recognize substantial growth in revenues from shipments 
of our core products as well as shipments of these new products during the 
fiscal third quarter of this year."

    In 1999, Tidel announced a number of important new business developments:

    New Receipt-Based Prepaid Phone Card Software

    During this quarter Tidel announced a number of key developments.

In January, Tidel announced the introduction of the industry's first receipt-
based prepaid phone card software designed for ATM resellers. The breakthrough 
software delivers phone card information directly on the ATM receipt and allows 
Tidel ATM patrons to purchase unlimited amounts of prepaid long distance in 
five-dollar increments.

    New Product -- the TACC IV

    On the product side, Tidel announced the introduction of its

next-generation Timed Access Cash Controller ("TACC") product -- the TACC IV -- 
which contains the most significant improvements to the product line since its 
introduction more than twenty years ago.  Tidel has shipped over 100,000 TACC 
products to more than 30 countries since inception, and the company will be 
aggressively marketing the new TACC IV to new customers and its existing 
customer base.

    Contract to Sell Chameleon ITMs

    Tidel announced that it has signed a customer contract to sell

Chameleon Internet Transaction Machines to Los Angeles-based Cash Technologies, 
Inc. Bruce Korman, Cash Tech's Chairman and CEO indicated that Cash Tech could 
deploy as many as 2,000 units during the initial contract period.  This first 
"volume" order for the ITM establishes Chameleon ITM as the first interactive 
multimedia kiosk that combines support for the limitless e-commerce options of 
the Internet with traditional ATM banking functionality.

    Alliance to Sell Ignition Series ATMs

    Tidel announced that one of its largest distributors, Financial

Technologies Inc. ("FTI"), has formed an alliance with Red Crown Marketing to 
offer turnkey ATM packages to over 2,600 BP Amoco dealers and jobbers 
representing more than 15,000 stations nationwide.  FTI and Red Crown have 
created a powerful alliance to offer the latest in ATM technology to BP Amoco 
dealers and jobbers with Tidel as FTI's preferred equipment provider.

    About Tidel

    Tidel Technologies, Inc. is a Texas-based manufacturer of

automated teller machines and cash security equipment designed for specialty 
retail marketers. Tidel pioneered the dial-up ATM in 1992, and is the fastest 
growing major U.S. manufacturer of ATMs.  Tidel's common stock trades on The 
Nasdaq Stock Market(R) under the symbol ATMS.

    This press release contains forward-looking statements that

involve risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's actual experience 
to differ materially from that anticipated.  These forward-looking statements 
include projections of revenue and net income; issues that may affect revenue 
or net income; plans for the future; and assumptions relating to the foregoing. 
Estimates are based on reliable information and past experience.  However, 
operating results are affected by a wide variety of factors, many of which are 
beyond the control of the company.  Factors include, but are not limited to, 
the levels of orders which are received and can be shipped in a quarter; 
customer order patterns and seasonality; costs of labor, raw materials, 
supplies and equipment; technological changes; competition and competitive 
pressures on pricing; and economic conditions in the United States and 
worldwide.  Additionally, factors and risks affecting operating results include 
those described in the company's registration statements and periodic reports 
filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  SOURCE  Tidel 
Technologies, Inc.

-0-                             05/11/99 /CONTACT:  Leonard Carr, Senior Vice 
President of Tidel Technologies, Inc., 713-783-8200, [email protected]; or 
Mark Trinske, Investor Relations, Trinske Communications, Ltd., 303-665-7760, 
[email protected], for Tidel Technologies, Inc./

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