Kiosk market is the booming one. There are more and more kiosks implemented all around the world each day. Kiosks are now recognised as an ultimate solution for public access information and one stop transaction terminals. This world wide technology active atmosphere creates an array of business opportunities not to be missed by the leading IT and other companies.

We are all in it, striving to provide the best kiosk solutions for the benefit of our customers and the future way of life. It's exciting because of the perception of advanced change to be implemented all around us.

But here comes the warning. Racing for the share, some forget the code of practice.

There are many companies already providing kiosk hardware, kiosk software or full advanced kiosk solutions.
I work with a great bunch of amazingly committed people. We've been in the kiosk industry for over two years now and we've learned enough to know that the product we offer, NetShift Public Browser Interface, is the leading piece of kiosk software. We work hard, we take credit for our successes and always learn from failures. We also acknowledge our competitors, whose work we respect and praise. This is the attitude NetShift is pleading to apply.

This call comes because of the worrying signs that some companies are trying to dishonestly dismay those who are yet unaware of the industry players and surf the net simply to find out. What I'm talking about is the competitor domain name registering.

Our domain, NetShift, has just been registered in Germany by [email protected].

Comment from Other domain names of other companies have also been appropriated. We advise others to monitor/check their domain names. Check for .com, .org, .net, or any foreign abbrev (de, jp, fr, uk are the big ones....end comment from

Here are the links:

It simply doesn't feel nor it is right.

We all hope that the kiosk industry will enjoy a healthy progress, driven by the friendly and honest competition practices.

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