SITA: SITA signs agreement with Northrop Grumman for common use self-service  
                             airport check-in kiosk                             
                       (M2 Presswire; 05/26/99)                       

   M2 PRESSWIRE-26 May 1999-SITA: SITA signs worldwide marketing agreement with 
Northrop Grumman for common use self-service airport check-in kiosk (C)1994-99 

   * "1 square foot airport" a reality as premier airport technology providers 
join forces

   SITA and Northrop Grumman - Canada, Ltd. have signed an international 
agreement to jointly market Northrop Grumman's Common Use Passenger Self-
Service System (CUPSS) to airports worldwide. This brings together their 
expertise in implementing common use systems to maximize and standardize the 
use of facilities at the airport and will enable kiosks to be shared by several 
airlines. Passengers will also benefit from a speedier and simplified check- in 
process at the airport.

   CUPSS is a self-service check-in kiosk that provides airline passengers with 
a fast and efficient method of checking-in without the need to queue at the 
check-in desk. Each kiosk includes a touch-screen monitor, smart card reader 
and boarding pass printer. Under the agreement CUPSS will be marketed through 
the [email protected] portfolio of products and systems.

   "Airports worldwide are experiencing great demand for increased terminal 
capacity, and existing infrastructures are being stretched to their limits. 
CUPSS will enable airports to increase terminal capacity within existing 
structures, speeding the passenger journey and also presenting airlines with 
significant cost savings," commented John Jarrell, Vice President SITA Airport 
Systems Integration. "This agreement with Northrop Grumman further underlines 
SITA's alliance approach to providing the integrated airport of the future."

   Larry kretz, Senior Director, Northrop Grumman - Canada, Ltd. added: "With 
international and domestic airport passenger traffic expected to double in the 
next 12 years, efficiency must be improved, and CUPSS integrated within SITA's 
CUTE environment offers airports an excellent solution. Since the early 1980s 
Northrop Grumman - Canada, Ltd. has enjoyed a close working relationship with 
SITA in the development of CUTE, and this agreement again combines our highly 
complementary services to bring value to the air transport community."

   It will also be integrated with SITA's Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) 
and Common Use Baggage Enterprise System (CUBES) systems to further improve 
communications infrastructure at airports worldwide. Although the kiosk is now 
available only for use by passengers boarding with hand luggage, the technical 
and security aspects to enable all passengers to use its services are currently 
being addressed.

   Amsterdam Schipol Airport has already successfully implemented CUPSS, with 
an initial six kiosks being introduced in March and another four to be added in 
the third quarter of 1999. Additionally, SITA's CUTE system is also used 
throughout the airport to share check-in desk facilities using standard 

   Editors' Notes:

   About SITA

   SITA is the world's leading provider of integrated telecommunications and 
information solutions to the air. transport industry. With 50 years experience, 
SITA now has over 680 members, including airlines, aerospace companies, air-
freight companies, airports, travel distribution and computer reservation 
systems and governmental organizations. SITA recorded corporate revenues of 
over US$1.2 billion in 1998. Its head office is based in Geneva, Switzerland 
and it is registered in Brussels as a societe cooperative.

   About Northrop Grumman - Canada. Ltd.

   Northrop Grumman - Canada, Ltd., formerly the Information Services Division 
of Westinghouse Canada Inc., is now a wholly - owned subsidiary of the Northrop 
Grumman Corporation. We are a world leader in cost effective, high-performance 
data communication hardware and software and have over 25 years experience in 
delivering solutions in over 80 countries worldwide. Revenues for Northrop 
Grumman Corporation in 1997 Were $9.2 billion USD. More information about 
Northrop Grumman - Canada, Ltd. can be found on the Internet at

   CONTACT: Karl Moore, Public relations manager, SITA Tel: +44 (0)181 476 4656 
Fax: +44 (0)181 476 4691 e-mail: [email protected] Julian Hargood/Sara 
Pennant, Cohn & Wolfe Tel: +44 (0)171 331 5300 Fax: +44 (0)171 331 9088 e-mail: 
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