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Kiosk Software Expands the Ability for Businesses to Deliver Interactive E-Commerce to Consumers

The Company Demonstrates Robust Programming Solutions for E-Commerce Applications on Interactive Public Information Terminals at E-Business Expo '99

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 7, 1999-- Kiosk Software, Inc, will be exhibiting at the e-Business Expo in San Jose, June 8-10, demonstrating its business applications for kiosks that reach far beyond the conventional e-commerce stereotype of Internet surfers who use their PCs to order flowers or purchase airline tickets. This San Luis Obispo-based company that specializes in creating custom software systems is working with AmeriComUSA and its subsidiary, AdCast, to deliver a ``total solution'' for e-commerce and public information terminals -- interactive kiosks.

It has been projected by Frost & Sullivan, a California research firm that covers kiosk industry growth and spots trends, that the kiosk industry will grow 25-35 percent annually till the year 2004. The analyst company stated that ``interactive kiosks are being recognized as a legitimate strategy to improve customer service, expand customer base, reduce labor costs and provide easy access to a wealth of product and service information.''

To meet this growing need in the market, KSI offers retailers and others a complete kiosk e-business solutions by combining the corporate services of Kiosk Software, Inc.'s parent company, AmeriComUSA, with the software, advertising and telecommunications expertise of its subsidiaries. The companies provide a ``total solution'' service, including Web site design from HieroGrafix, site hosting through Direct Access Internet (DAI), and timed, non-scrollable, Internet billboard ads offered by AdCast, another AmeriComUSA subsidiary.

``Less than 40 percent of adult Americans have access to the Internet at home or at work -- that means nearly 100 million potential customers aren't currently viewing Internet advertising or making Web-based purchases,'' said Lori Fisher, founder and president of KSI. ``With the joint efforts from Kiosk and AmeriComUSA's subsidiaries, we will be able to reach out to the untapped market segment with all types of communications services. Our system can be placed in airports or malls to target travelers and shoppers, as well as those millions of individuals who lack Internet access altogether.''

Kiosk conjures up visions of a tiny Parisian newsstand, with copies of Le Monde and Paris Match stacked up on the counter. Today, ``kiosk'' describes any number and variety of public access electronic vending machines, but instead of dispensing candy, gum or soda, these tireless robotic salesmen are being utilized to promote and sell everything from banking services to burial plots.

Recent Kiosk Software, Inc. clients include Best Source Credit Union of Minneapolis, which uses kiosks to provide remote video banking to members; Private Memorial Centers, a Utah cemetery operator whose kiosks offer video tours of memorial parks, plot location maps, casket choices and payment plans; and Judicial Solutions, Inc., a Laguna Beach, Calif. company with kiosks placed inside county jails that accept credit cards and issue bail bonds on the spot.

Their flagship product is the Kiosk Operating Suite (K/OS(TM)), an off-the-shelf kiosk developer's toolkit which utilizes Windows 95, 98, or NT platforms and Microsoft's Internet Explorer to provide kiosk operators with Internet connectivity, controlled URL access, Web-based content display, event logging, user transaction reports and remote management capabilities.

About Kiosk Software, Inc.

Kiosk Software develops software for interactive business applications, including the Internet kiosk. KSI provides products and services that support rapid application development, ensure reliability for kiosk deployments, provide on-going remote monitoring and control public access to the Internet.

KSI products include the Kiosk Operating Suite (K/OS(TM)), an industrial-strength kiosk developer tool kit and TerraVista(TM), its Internet access control software. In addition, KSI provides ongoing Kiosk Remote Management services and the Kiosk Doctorx, a diagnostic service for analyzing deployed kiosks.

As a member of the AmeriComUSA family, KSI offers a complete point-of-purchase merchandising solution that includes kiosk advertising and full integration with a customer's e-commerce site.

About AmeriComUSA, Inc.

AmeriComUSA, Inc. is a family of Internet companies that collectively offer a complete e-Business solution. AmeriComUSA companies deliver advertising, telecommunications, e-commerce and merchandising solutions for the benefit of consumers, advertisers and on-line retailers.

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