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ATCOM/INFO Announces Agreements With Canada Payphone Corporation and KING Products to Provide New Public Internet Terminals Across Canada
(Business Wire; 06/08/98)

    ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 8, 1998--

     SUPERCOMM Demo Showcases CyberShell Technology for Public
     Internet Access

     ATCOM/INFO, the industry leader for public Internet access software, will 
demonstrate CyberShell(TM), the company's proprietary Public PC Operating 
System Technology that provides remote network management, on KING Products 
Inc.'s multimedia terminals at SUPERCOMM '98.

     The demonstration follows agreements between ATCOM/INFO, KING Products 
Inc. and Canada Payphone Corporation to install new public Internet terminals 
across Canada.

     ATCOM/INFO will incorporate its leading edge CyberShell software on 300 
Public Internet Terminals across Canada through the license agreements with 
Canada Payphone Corporation and KING Products.

     "We chose CyberShell software for its bullet-proof interface, security, 
customization and remote management features," said Stephen Niven, vice 
president of Corporate Development for Canada Payphone Corporation. "Customers 
want to access their e-mail, corporate networks, the World Wide Web and on-line 
services through seamless transmission. I believe our partnership with ATCOM 
and KING represents a tremendous opportunity for Canada Payphone to develop 
this emerging market."

     ATCOM/INFO's CyberShell is the operating system for KING's flat panel 
touchscreen, multimedia networked terminals, running on top of Windows NT. KING 
is supplying the turnkey solution to Canada Payphone Corporation, who will 
market the units as Public Internet Terminals in cooperation with AT&T Canada 
Long Distance Services. The Public Internet Terminals will be installed in 
hotels, airports, train stations, convention centers and other selected 
locations across Canada.

     "KING has a highly innovative family of computer telephony systems ideal 
for our CyberShell software," said Neil Senturia, chairman and CEO of 
ATCOM/INFO. "We are pleased to be part of this new initiative to deliver the 
next generation of Internet payphones to customers across Canada through Canada 
Payphone's deployment of Public Internet Terminals."

     KING Products Inc. is a leader in providing innovative multimedia-enhanced 
computer telephony systems for public access to information, electronic 
commerce and telecommunications. The products, which incorporate interactive 
touchscreens, can be networked and are typically located in such public spaces 
as airports, hotels, metro-subways, malls and office buildings. KING is based 
in Toronto, Canada, with offices in New York and Kansas City. The company is 
traded on the Canadian Dealing Network under the symbol "KINK."

     "KING is very excited to be working with ATCOM/INFO and Canada Payphone 
Corporation and be a part of the strategy to further the evolution of public 
access multimedia communications," said Peter Richards, President and CEO of 
KING Products.

     ATCOM/INFO licenses its CyberShell software to telephone companies, kiosk 
manufacturers, system integrators and other companies to provide security, 
reliability and manageability to networks of public kiosk systems and public 
PCs. The SUPERCOMM demonstration will showcase CyberShell's end-user 
compatibility, security and remote management features in booth No. 613, in 
cooperation with Elcotel, Inc.

     CyberShell features a customizable user interface directed by the simple 
screen touch operability on its easy-to-use pull-down menus. The software also 
includes secure Web browsing, Microsoft(TM) Windows compatibility, 
accessibility to commercial online systems, automatic network connection 
capabilities, and full e-mail support.

     ATCOM/INFO is the nation's leading provider of public communications and 
interactive information kiosks for the 21st century. ATCOM/INFO Cyberbooths are 
targeted for high-traffic facilities throughout the United States and the 
world, including airports, hotels, convention centers and other public places. 
The company is located at 308 G Street, San Diego, CA, 92101. For more 
information on ATCOM/INFO please call 619/699-4000, or visit the company's Web 
site at

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