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Canteen Announces New Branded Partnerships; Addition of Restaurant Brands Expected To Bring Vending To A New Dimension
(Business Wire; 06/18/98)

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 18, 1998--Canteen Vending Services 
announced an exciting new program this morning that is expected to set the gold 
standard in the vending industry. The company has entered into exclusive 
partnerships with famous restaurant brands which will be available only in 
Canteen's fresh food kiosks. Hardee's, Rally's and Blimpie Subs are the first 
three brands of a series to be announced in the program.

     The announcement comes after an extensive evaluation of the needs of the 
vending customer and as part of the re-launch of Canteen Vending Services. 
"Over the last three years we have been listening closely to our customers 
through customer surveys, focus groups and a specially designed client 
communications program known as Canteen Connect. The results have provided 
invaluable insight into achieving our mission of being the most customer-
focused company in the world. The branded partnerships are the culmination of 
what we have learned from our customers," says Anthony J. Gagliardi, president, 
Canteen Vending Services.

     "In test markets, consumer response to the restaurant brands was high - 
sales were up 20% -- showing that once consumers knew their favorite brands 
were available via vending, the return rate to the vending area increased 
significantly," he continued.


     The authentic Southern taste of Hardee's signature made-from-scratch 
Buttermilk Biscuits filled with country ham, sausage, chicken or steak, as well 
as the mouth-watering 1/4lb. Cheeseburger, Double Cheeseburger, Grilled or 
Breaded Chicken Sandwich and BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich will be available this 
summer in Canteen fresh food kiosk locations west of the Mississippi. Founded 
in 1961 in South Carolina, Hardee's quality and Southern hospitality have 
helped it grow to be the fourth largest quick-service restaurant chain, 
operating in 3,100 restaurants.

     Rally's brings its reputation for quality delicious foods at reasonable 
prices to Canteen Vending locations primarily east of the Mississippi. 
Selections will include Rally's delicious 1/4lb. Double Cheeseburger, Grilled 
or Breaded Chicken Sandwich and BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich. Established in 1985, 
Rally's built its reputation on the strength of its hamburger items. Today, 
Rally's operates 470 restaurants in 19 states.


     The Blimpie partnership represents the first freshly-made restaurant brand 
to be offered in vending. Canteen has the exclusive rights to produce and 
market Blimpie Sub sandwiches in vending channels. The initial varieties 
offered include the signature Blimpie Best Sub, a Tuna Salad Sub, Ham and Swiss 
Cheese Sub, Roast Beef Sub, and a Turkey Sub. All sandwiches will include 
separate packages of fresh shredded lettuce and sliced tomato, as well as 
condiments or Blimpie Brand Sub Dressing.

     In order to ensure the freshest, highest quality sandwich possible in the 
ground-breaking program, all Blimpie varieties will be made fresh daily in our 
own Culinary Centers.

     The Blimpie partnership is part of the entire FRESH TO YOU concept 
designed to emphasize fresh food selections prepared to exact Canteen 
specifications. "The entire FRESH TO YOU program is one of the most exciting 
elements in Culinary Center food production to be introduced at Canteen. It 
involves not only the FRESH TO YOU restaurant brands but also includes FRESH TO 
YOU Chef's Select and FRESH TO YOU Chef's Classics," says Gagliardi.

     The FRESH TO YOU program, which is exclusive to Canteen, focuses on new 
specifications for the company including ingredients, packaging, retail labels, 
and service guarantees. The brand program, as well as the new menus, will be 
implemented under the guidance of Paul Ladoceur, Canteen's new executive chef.

     The announcement of the following brand partnerships and the FRESH TO YOU 
program is the first announcement regarding the Canteen's mission to re-launch 
the company and lead the industry with its exclusive program. Canteen has 
scheduled a four-day gala event in early September to unveil new products, 
technology, and a transformation of the "traditional vending machine" into food 

     Canteen Vending Services is the world's largest vending company employing 
8,000 people in over 15,000 accounts, and with 30 franchise operations. Canteen 
Vending Services is an operating company of Compass Group North America.

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