GEDI Interactive TV Ready for Distribution Introducing an Important New Tool for Banks, Brokerage Firms and Other Financial Institutions

June 22, 1999

NEW YORK, June 21 /PRNewswire/ via NewsEdge Corporation -- GEDI Systems Inc. announced today that it will launch GEDI Interactive TV -- a small, portable, easy to install set-top box that enables any standard television to perform simple PC functions, including browsing the Internet.

Because all incoming data is received through a TV signal, viewers can simultaneously display a favorite TV program, an updated investment portfolio and/or bank account and receive email and faxes -- without going on line -- by simply pressing a few buttons on the color-coded remote control or wireless keyboard.

GEDI Interactive TV allows the user to answer the telephone, have a phone conversation through TV and receive and store up to 100 voice messages in its digital phone-answering device. GEDI Interactive TV is also equipped with a CD player with CD-ROMs that store up to 15 retail catalogues each so the TV viewer can browse and "window" shop -- without going on line -- or play music through the TV set. When the user wants to perform such e-commerce activities as on-line banking, on-line trading or make a purchase, he or she plugs into a phone line for a moment, then points and clicks the appropriate commands.

In 1993, former Wall Streeters Peter M. Redling and Jackie Skipper Barrios joined together to offer financial information services and a proprietary technical analysis to the professional trading community. While searching for a state-of-the-art distribution method for their services, Mr. Redling and Ms. Barrios decided to design their own set-top box and tailor their services for wide consumer appeal.

The team founded GEDI Systems Inc. in 1996 to create, develop and market the set-top box to banks and other financial firms as a tool to bridge the gap between them and the large proportion of their customer base that is not presently on-line. After several years of development, GEDI Interactive TV is now ready for financial organizations to distribute to their retail customers to encourage such transactions as on-line banking, on-line trading and other e-commerce.

For fourth quarter 1999 delivery, GEDI Interactive TV must be ordered no later than July 15, 1999.

SOURCE GEDI Systems Inc.

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