ICL Introduces CardStore ATM with Fingerprint Scanner Technology; Mexico's Banorte Deploys CardStore for Processing Payroll Transactions

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 24, 1999--Today at the Tecnobanca trade show in Mexico City, ICL, a global supplier of IT systems and services, introduced its CardStore(TM) application for the Fujitsu Series 7000(TM) automated teller machines, combining fourth-generation ATM and cash-dispensing capabilities with a revolutionary fingerprint scanner.

Banorte, a leading financial institution with more than 600 branches throughout Mexico, is the first to use CardStore technology in a project. The technology being installed in a manufacturing facility in Mexico, provides employees rapid access to cash from their paychecks.

At the beginning and end of a work shift, an employee inserts a smart card in an electronic reader and their finger in a fingerprint scanner to identify themselves, enabling employers to collect time and attendance information. At the end of a pay period, the employee can retrieve their cash from an ATM as needed.

ICL's Financial Services division partnered with NetLink Transactions Services to provide the new CardStore application on Fujitsu ATMs for Banorte, and with its in-country business partner, Microformas.

"We are excited about ICL's CardStore because it allows us to work with our commercial customers to provide individuals with immediate and secure access to their funds at their site of employment," said Prudencio Frigolet, vice president of Banorte.

Additional benefits include:

    --   Significant cost-savings as a result of establishing smart
          card-based banking services as opposed to traditional
          banking methods;

    --   English- or Spanish-language options for international
          flexibility with multinational clients;

    --   Reduced online communications for transaction authorization
          from central facility.

"CardStore offers a unique combination of smart card technology combined with the security of identification biometrics -- the fingerprint scanner -- on an ATM," said Scott Anderson, vice president of sales, ICL's Financial Services division for North America. "By embedding account balance, transaction history and fingerprint reference data on the smart card, customers can quickly and easily withdraw cash from their place of employment. And, with fingerprint recognition, ICL has greatly reduced the possibility of theft and misuse."

In addition to payroll applications, CardStore is ideal for building brand loyalty and specific custom applications such as coupons, discounts and phone cards, all of which can be stored and retrieved in a secure method via the ATM, Anderson said. "With CardStore, financial institutions can have all the bells and whistles of Fujitsu's advanced ATMs plus a unique payroll capability that makes it easy and affordable to obtain and keep customers,"

Anderson said, "We're very excited about this new offering and look forward to bringing this unique solution to large U.S. banks and employers as well. "

ICL manufactures and markets the Series 7000 family of ATMs and the Lifestyle suite of products and services. Lifestyle is a multi-channel, customer-oriented delivery service that provides "anywhere, anytime, anyplace" banking services at the branch, the ATM, the kiosk or at the home via the Internet.

About ICL

ICL is a global IT services company. It designs, builds and operates information systems and services for customers in the retail, finance, government, telecoms, utilities and travel markets. The company has operations in over 40 countries and employs over 22,500 people.

ICL improves business performance and competitiveness for its customers through services focused on electronic business, enterprise applications and the implementation and outsourcing of IT infrastructure.

For the 12 months to March 31, 1999, the company's revenues were $4,458.4 (see note A) billion (2.735 billion pounds) which generated a profit before tax and exceptional charges of $105.1(see note A) million (64.5 million pounds). Headquartered in London, ICL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu and plans to float on the London Stock Exchange in 2000.

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