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Vol. 1 Issue #11                         July 1, 1999

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Putting Time on YOUR Side


We all know it, cant seem to get enough of it.

With Internet Vending, it becomes the key to
your revenue stream.  

Customers will pay for time online.  How much
will they pay? How long will they remain
online?  Not easy questions to answer.

One way to attack these questions is to try them

How long would YOU remain online?

Certainly the price will be a factor.  The higher
the price, the less time people will remain
on the machine.  

So how do you keep people on the machine longer
without having to give away the service?

There are a few options.

The first method is software based.  Don't re-invent
the wheel - do what the portals do.  These are major
Internet companies competing for eyes online.

They have the money and manpower to do the research
you cant.  How do they keep their viewers longer?

Stroll through the big boys - Yahoo, Lycos, Excite
and the others.  Notice how they all offer a one
stop information shop on the home page.  Viewers
will stay longer because most of what they are 
looking for is right there.

You can do the same.

Create your own portal page tailored to the
particular location that your kiosk is situated.

If it's a hotel, try incorporating the brochure
information that's littered throughout the lobby.
Offer food, activities and events that may be 
of interest to the guests.  Talk to the concierge.
He or she will have plenty of information 
about guest preferences.

Its a matter of questions.

Ask yourself the question of what information 
the customer in this location may be interested
in, and make it available.  

You can create your own links page, or find a 
local page that has already done the work
for you.

In either case, you're giving the customer
more reasons to spend more time on the machine.

Another method of increasing customer usage
is to offer account cards.

Instead of a pay-as-you-go price structure, you
can offer prepaid account cards.  

They are relatively simple to implement.  You
create user accounts ahead of time, with fixed
time amounts (usually half hour and 1 hour cards).

Customers purchase account cards from the
front desk or the checkout counter, and logon
using a unique login id and password.  They 
might not spend all of their time in one
sitting, but if not, chances are they will
be back.

The account cards not only encourage more
usage, but they are less expensive to 
implement, have lower maintenance and can
be co-branded with the host location.

The third and final way of inspiring more
usage, is through the use of bonuses.

A bonus can be in the form of an extra half
hour for every three hours purchased, or
a co-promotion with the host.  

For example, in a popular cafe, the owners
offered a free "mochachino" with every hour
of online time purchased.  Customers would
trade in their used account card for the

There are no set guidelines for these types
of promotions.  Be creative and work closely 
with the host, and you can certainly come up
with some excellent ideas.

These are just a few of the ways to increase
average time per user on your kiosk.

It all comes down to the customer.

Find out what their needs are, and fill 
them.  Go one step beyond that and you
will guarantee repeat business.

Always offer more than the customer
asks for, and you will succeed with 
all your Internet Vending Ventures.

Best of luck with all your efforts.

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