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Laptop Lane Expands Private Office
Concept to Chicago, Atlanta and
Denver Airports

Company for Business People Run by Business
People Provides Superior Service, Reliable
Computer Connections and Simple Pricing

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 1999-- Laptop Lane Ltd., the business traveler
connection, announced today it has expanded its nationwide network of fully equipped, fully
staffed offices to three additional airports -- Chicago O'Hare International, Hartsfield-Atlanta
International and Denver International -- providing more private, connected workplaces for the
business traveler. 

With these new locations, Seattle-based Laptop Lane grew its airport presence from 4% to
20% of the nation's airport traffic in the past three months. Over the next five years, the company
plans to expand to more than 100 locations in 60 of the largest U.S. airports. 

Laptop Lane's newest facilities are at two locations in the Chicago O'Hare International Airport,
three locations in the Hartsfield-Atlanta International Airport and one location in the Denver
International Airport. Laptop Lane facilities in the Cincinnati Airport and the Seattle/Tacoma
International Airport have been open for more than a year. The company plans to open eight
additional locations by the end of 1999, ensuring facilities in 13 of the nation's top 20 airports.
As a result, nearly half of the U.S. air travel market will have access to a Laptop Lane facility
before the year 2000. 

``Over 500 million business travelers move through airports annually, each traveling by air 12.4
times a year on average. The typical amount of time one business traveler spends in an airport is
82 minutes, the majority of which is during prime business hours. The bottom line is that millions
of people are cut off from their businesses during peak work hours, and that's a recipe for
unproductive, frustrating downtime,'' said Bruce Merrell, chief executive officer of Laptop Lane
``Our goal is to provide business travelers a complete plug-and-play office with the most
compelling services and best equipment available, enabling them to work, communicate and relax
when traveling.'' 

Now business travelers in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, and Seattle can e-mail, surf the
Internet, make private business or personal phone calls, fax, check voice mail, print last-minute
documents, and more using laptop connections or Pentium PCs in Laptop Lane's individual,
private offices at the airport. All services in the office, including Internet access and U.S.
domestic long-distance phone calls, are covered in the flat-fee rate of $2.00 for the first five
minutes and $0.38 per additional minute. 

This all-inclusive rate also includes personal service by a cyber-concierge, a technically proficient
customer service representative available at each Laptop Lane facility. Cyber-concierges are on
staff to lead customers to a private office, fully equipped with the standard features of a Pentium
desktop computer, connections for PC and Macintosh laptop computers, laser printer, fax
machine, multi-line phone, an analog and T-1 line for fast access to the Internet. Customers can
lock their door and work in complete privacy, all in one convenient place at the airport. 

``Business travelers waste untold hours at airports,'' said Grant Sharp, chief operating officer of
Laptop Lane. ``They want to spend that time productively. But they need a place in the airport
that enables them to get their work done. The comfort and technology in each Laptop Lane
office is specifically designed to provide all the conveniences business travelers otherwise lose
when they work on the road.'' 

Laptop Lane also announced today the appointment of Wendy A. Boehm to vice president of
marketing and Chan Semlani to vice president of business development. These executives were
brought on board to support and aggressively drive the increasing airport reach and customer
usage rate of the Laptop Lane facilities. They have more than 30 years of combined experience
in marketing and strategic relations to leverage as they lead Laptop Lane in the burgeoning
mobile business services market. Boehm joins Laptop Lane from Atrieva Corp., provider of
Internet file storage services, where she was director of marketing and grew the company's user
base by more than 50% month-to-month since the launch of its newest service. Semlani comes
from International Business Solutions, a technology center and marketing company, where he
was vice president of marketing and business development and created the Microsoft
Technology Showcase, featuring the New York launch of Windows 98. 

Pricing and Contact Information 

Laptop Lane facilities are open up to 16 hours a day, seven days a week and rent for a fee of
$2.00 for the first five minutes and $0.38 per additional minute. 

This simple pricing structure covers all the equipment and services in each individual office,
including U.S. domestic long-distance calls and Internet access time. Business supplies and
additional services, such as copying, color laser printing, overnight shipping, and more are also
available for a nominal fee. Some facilities also provide conference room rentals. 

For additional information about Laptop Lane, call 425/653-2000, write 3605 132nd Ave. SE,
Bellevue, WA 98006, or visit 

About Laptop Lane 

Founded by business travelers for business travelers, Laptop Lane is a privately held company
headquartered in Seattle, Wash. The company provides everything business travelers need to
stay connected when they are on the road. Laptop Lane facilities are conveniently located near
departure gates in major airports nationwide. 


     Laptop Lane Ltd.
     Wendy Boehm, 425/653-2000
     [email protected]

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