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July 07, 1999 09:23

DVD Internet Kiosk Unveiled at 1999 VSDA Annual Convention; Roll-A-Round Home Theater Display System Features Programmable Movie Trailers

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 7, 1999--Comjet Information Systems Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of DVD players and WebDVD convergence appliances, has formed an alliance with TomatoLand, an innovative retail display manufacturer, to create the Home Theater Internet Kiosk.

The rainbow colored kiosk on casters was designed with the independent video retailer (IVR) in mind. It supports ten five foot moveable wire DVD display racks that can hold over 500 titles, two 13" color TVs, two DVD-i Players and a Dolby Digital(r) 5.1 surround sound system.

The Home Theater Internet Kiosk will premiere July 8-10 at the National Video Week at the Los Angeles Convention Center (Booth 2302).

The digital display contains Comjet's HomeMighty DVD-i set-top player. The state-of-the-art console has an internal modem and wireless keyboard which allows video retailers to access on-line resources like Internet movie news, data bases and industry community groups. At the Convention, the DVD-i set-top boxes will feature ScreenPlay's SmartScreen (tm), a monthly DVD based movie trailer disc, that gives store management the option to choose what movie previews to play in their stores.

The Home Theater Internet Kiosk supports a Dolby Digital(r) 5.1 surround sound system delivering the most sophisticated sound experience possible in a retail environment.

The turnkey high tech DVD kiosk provides a condensed, economic foot print so that software retailers can showcase, sell and rent DVD titles as well as components that make up the roll-a-round multimedia display. Comjet DVD Players and surround sound systems are feature rich and competitively priced allowing IVR's across the country to offer hardware at healthy margins to their 19th century VHS tape customers moving up to the studios delivery format for the next century. More Information/Photos:

Comjet Information Systems is an eight-million-dollar manufacturer and distributor of computer and consumer convergence products based in Taipei, Taiwan. A veteran in the computer industry for 13 years, Comjet diverges into the consumer electronics industry with the HomeMighty product series to become the forerunner in DVD and internet convergence technologies.

TomatoLand has been providing innovative, high-quality products to satisfied customers for over 25 years in Japan, USA, Asia, Europe, and South America. In 1998, sales were $23 million.

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