iPrint's iKiosk.net Technology Opens Significant New Markets For 3M Corporation

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Royal P. Farros, president and CEO of iPrint, inc., today announced that 3M Corporation (NYSE: MMM) has adopted a new offering of iPrint's award-winning iKiosk -- `Internet` Kiosk technology. The iKiosk `Print Center Builder` technology is being used as a tool to set-up customized Post-it(R) Notes print shops for 3M's distributors via the Internet. The program, which is currently operating under a pilot involving a dozen 3M authorized distributors, is expected to include thousands later this year. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The iKiosk technology lets 3M's distributors quickly and easily create customized Post-it(R) Notes print shops for major corporate accounts. Distributors only need enter basic contact information, pricing data and customer service information -- and the self-administrating systems can go live within minutes, accessible by corporate clients from a link on their intranets.

Bill Kesting, business development manager of 3M Promotional Markets, commented, `The iKiosk technology has allowed 3M to empower its distributors with a tool that offers all the benefits of a powerful e-commerce print shop solution. This technology makes their jobs easier, offers compelling benefits to their corporate customers and opens entirely new markets for us.`

`The iPrint technology allows 3M Corporation to grow sales in corporations who can use Post-It(R) Notes as more than just business communication,` said Farros. `They can customize notes to be used as a thank-you to important clients, as a premium item at trade shows, or to hand out with product promotions -- the notes make a personal statement that is missing in today's mass-produced products.`

iPrint's technology allows 3M to offer important benefits to its corporate customers that were impossible before. In addition to 24/7 convenience, customers can see what their Post-it(R) Notes look like as they are designing them. Clients are no longer burdened with paperwork, and they can order as few as 10 pads of personalized Post-it(R) Notes -- a quantity that was previously too small to print and be cost-effective.

Additional benefits to 3M distributors include downloadable weekly or monthly sales reports and access to the robust iKiosk customer service module.

3M corporate customers can choose from a variety of popular Post-it(R) Notes sizes and then upload any black and white graphic they want including company logos, as well as add text, select fonts, ink and papers colors, etc. Post-it(R) Notes can be ordered in quantities as low as 10 pads or as high as 320.

Future iPrint and 3M plans include expanding the shops to offer more customizable 3M products and offering larger quantities of products.

iPrint.com, a privately held company with strategic investment from Canaan Partners, ITV (Information Technology Ventures) and Intel Corporation, is the leading print shop on the Internet and the primary supplier of online kiosk systems to the commercial and quick printing industry. iPrint.com strategic partners include 3M, OfficeMax, Sir Speedy and other Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1997, iPrint has won dozens of awards, including the prestigious CommerceNet VIP Award for E-Commerce, and it was recently recognized for its `Innovative Use of Technology` by CAP Ventures. iPrint.com can be reached at http://www.iPrint.com .

NOTE: `Post-it` is a registered trademark of 3M. SOURCE iPrint, inc.

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