"VOYAGI Communication Technologies Announces Kiosk/ATM Advertising Network"

Minneapolis, Minnesota

VOYAGI Communication Technologies, a Minneapolis-based kiosk and ATM solutions provider, announced today a new division named the kiosk media house™.

The kiosk media house™ is the largest advertising network for the kiosk and ATM industries. This network encompasses over 11,000 kiosks and more than 40,000 ATM's in 12 different countries. The kiosk media house has built relationships with some of the largest advertisers and advertising agencies in the world with the intent to provide revenues for kiosk and ATM owners and operators as well as a new medium for advertising. Since market statistics are not available from traditional research firms such as Simmons Market Research Bureau, Inc., and Mediamark Research, Inc. (MRI), the kiosk media house is dependent on user demographics from individual kiosk owners and operators.

Company President Lief C. Larson said, "Rather than place an advertisement on a kiosk or ATM with the hope that the advertising will generate sales, the kiosk media house has developed a science to kiosk advertising." The kiosk media house relies on market statistics, audience size and demographics, list and rank by number of users, data review, and market strengths to help advertisers decide which market will best represent the message.

The kiosk media house benefits advertisers and advertising agencies by putting messages in front of new audiences and adding to the media mix of an integrated marketing plan or advertising campaign. The kiosk media house benefits kiosk and ATM owners and operators by providing advertising revenues which are essential in continued financial success.

The kiosk media house acts as a broker between advertisers and the kiosk and ATM industries. The kiosk media house takes advertising messages in electronic form from advertisers, contacts the kiosk/ATM owner/operator in a specific market, bids for media space, and provides the content in the form of: banners, attract pages, email footers, browser insets, hot links, logo links, flash ads, and video.

If you are interested in registering your kiosks or ATM's with the kiosk media house, you may contact VOYAGI president at [email protected] or go to http://www.voyagi.com/kioskmediahouse.htm

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