LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 26, 1999-- 

--ShopGoOnline's Major Internet / Print / Radio Ad Campaign 

to Include DoubleClick and DART Advertising Programs-- 

Joe Naughton, Chairman of Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. (OTC BB:JNNE), today
formally announced the Grand Opening of ShopGoOnline.com, a unique interactive
e-commerce superstore featuring a wide variety of popular products and hard-to-find
specialty items. 

ShopGoOnline.com ( http://www.ShopGoOnline.com ), a unit of Jones Naughton's
GoOn-line Division, will be the focus of a major advertising campaign being launched this
week. The campaign is designed to draw Internet consumers to the many benefits of the
ShopGoOnline experience. The multimedia advertising blitz will include: 

- An Internet ad sweep through an agreement with DoubleClick 

(Nasdaq:DCLK) beginning Thursday, July 22, 1999. - Expanded involvement of Website
Results. Website Results will now 

point all excess traffic inventory or relevant, well-ranked 

keyword phrases to the ShopGoOnline site (Website Results, an 

industry leader in online marketing and promotion, specializes in 

increasing target-market traffic to their clients' Web sites. 

Website Results focuses on directing interested visitors from 

major search engines on the Internet, such as Yahoo, Excite, Alta 

Vista, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler and Northern Light, to 

Website Results' client companies. Website Results clients 

include REI, Mobil, PenTex, Reebok, and CyberCash). Jones 

Naughton's expanded agreement with Website Results will ensure 

the funneling of Internet buyers to ShopGoOnline's e-commerce Web 

site. - Target-specific marketing through DoubleClick's DART Program - 

designed to generate banner ad revenue for ShopGoOnline.com from 

advertisers based on page view impressions. - First-impression marketing via radio and
print beginning the 

second week of August. The print ad campaign will focus on eight 

major newspaper markets reaching in excess of 10,000,000 readers. 

The radio campaign will focus on likely Internet consumers (late 

afternoon drive-time professionals). 

Results of this initial advertising run will be reviewed and revised to develop major fall and
fourth quarter ad campaigns aimed at solidifying brand name recognition for

ShopGoOnline.com Adding New Product Lines and Categories 

ShopGoOnline.com is rapidly adding new items to its growing lineup of appealing
products, an increasing number of which are displayed in streaming audio and video.
New major brand name consumer product vendors include: 

- Sharp - Compaq - Panasonic - Phillips Magnavox - Bausch & Lomb - Motorola - Panda

As part of the Grand Opening launch, ShopGoOnline will hold an e-drawing to give away
a free Compaq Presario computer and other Grand Opening prizes. Details will be
available on the ShopGoOnline Web site. 

Mr. Naughton commented on the launch of ShopGoOnline.com saying, "Development of
the ShopGoOnline e-commerce community has truly been a team effort." 

Mr. Naughton concluded, "The Internet is an ever-changing world and we must change
with it. In my estimation, our success will come through flexibility in planning and the
implementation of fresh ideas, and I am confident we have the right group of individuals to

About Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. 

Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. is an information technology concern focused on
combining traditional marketing methods with the latest advancements in Internet
technology. Through its GoOn-line Division, Jones Naughton provides interactive Internet,
advertising and media buying services to a growing number of clients across the country.

GoOn-line has also begun installing Internet kiosks in various hotels and is aggressively
pursuing kiosk agreements with a number of national hotel chains. 

Jones Naughton's subsidiary, GoOn-line.com (a Chico, California based Internet
company specializing in the production of streaming video infomercials over the Internet),
offers Internet products and services to consumers via E-commerce solutions available
on the World Wide Web. GoOn-line.com has just launched ShopGoOnline.com, a virtual
shopping mall Web site featuring a wide variety of products, some of which have
traditionally only been available from infomercial companies advertising on broadcast

Jones Naughton's growing list of Internet service and e-commerce suppliers and partners
includes: Icom Networks, Inc.; Nicom Telemanagement, Inc.; DoubleClick, Inc.
(Nasdaq:DCLK); Guthy-Renker, Inc.; RealNetworks, Inc. (Nasdaq:RNWK); LinkShare
Corporation; PDQ Internet Services, Inc., Website Results, LLC and Info Touch

This press release contains forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe
harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. Expression of future
goals and similar expressions reflecting something other than historical fact involve risks
and uncertainties. The actual results the company achieves may differ materially from
any forward-looking statements due to such risks and uncertainties. 

     CONTACT:  Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc.
               Joseph Naughton, Chairman, 714/736-0988
               Web site: www.jnne.com
               e-mail: [email protected]
               Scott Claverie, President, 530/891-4100
               e-mail: [email protected]
               James Cannon, Director, 770/394-6056
               PMR and Assoc.
               Patrick M. Rost, Investor Relations, 760/942-0015
               e-mail: [email protected]

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