Announcing Upgrade of AKA Utility: AKA PBI v3.03 Automated Kiosk Attendant & AKA OSM v3.03 Operating System Monitor
(August 02 1999)

  1. AKA Utility Differentials
  2. AKA New Functionality & Enhancements
  3. Download AKA v3.03
  4. AKA Heartbeat
  5. NetShift Tips & Tricks
  6. NetShift Documentation Update
  7. Kiosk E-mail Accounts up to 70% of Use
AKA Utility Differentials
The AKA PBI version is for use as purely a NetShift/Kiosk application as the AKA PBI demands a NetShift.exe to launch. AKA PBI version users can upgrade simply by downloading the latest version from:

The AKA OSM version is a near identical utility but is used for running non-NetShift applications such as optimising a PC for 24/7 operation. NetShift SHOULD NOT be used with this version. AKA OSM evaluators or registered licence holders can upgrade simply by downloading the latest version from:

New AKA Functionality & Enhancements

  1. A new option (AKA PBI version only) provides for deeper level monitoring of the MSIE browser requiring some browser activity within x seconds - if no activity it forces a system reboot to clear a suspected 'lockup'. This functionality has been put in place in advance of the next upgrade release of NetShift Aug/Sept 1999 which will then operate with this new procedure.

    This new deeper level monitoring is to deal with some websites that have poorly written (or deliberate) HTML problems or java script errors. This, in the past, could lock up: the browser, the user interface or the system O/S. This was previously identified by the interface and/or browser being 'locked' yet the real time clock was still running.

    This new piece of AKA PBI functionality is a major step forward in pushing the Windows platform towards unattended 24/7 optimisation.

  2. Our ground breaking NT Keyblocking/Auto Log in utility has now been merged into the AKA (both PBI and OSM versions) and is no longer available as a separate utility. Additionally the keyblocking now cuts in as early as the log-in process so there is no opportunity for the user to break through to the O/S (if correctly setup) from the kiosks physical keyboard.

There is also now the ability to create you own keyblocking string combinations from within the AKA Setup manager to provide for non standard physical keyboard button blocking.

Download AKA v3.03
AkaPBI303.exe (415.5k self-extracting .exe)
AKA OSM: Register to download AKA OSM

AKA Heartbeat
The TAKAHeartbeat Delphi component and the TAKAHeartbeatX active X component are provided to enable developers of 3rd party software to incorporate a "heartbeat relationship" between their software and the Automated Kiosk Attendant (AKA PBI or OSM version). For more info and download of components, go to:
AKA PBI users:
AKA OSM users:

NetShift Tips & Tricks

  1. Did you know that you can use HTML within your web pages to Show or Hide the Netshift virtual keyboard automatically for the kiosk user? For more info put 'S009 - Show/Hide Virtual Keyboard' in the header of a blank email to: [email protected]

  2. Over the last three years NetShift has amassed a vast knowledge database with regard integrating kiosks, all around the world, which covers such areas as: Hardware, Software, Touchscreens, Middleware, Peripherals, Payment Control Systems, E-mail, Windows challenges, Revenue streams, ISP's, Connectivity, Analysis etc.

  3. An A-Z outline guide of these and many more vital issues, that need consideration, when developing a successful kiosk project can be found at:

  4. Improve accessibility to websites. In-built for use with NetShift custom buttons are two NSCommands that can be used to instantly increase or decrease the text size on the web page being viewed by the user. For more info put 'S035 - Zoom' in the header of a blank email to: [email protected]

NetShift Documentation Update
Our documentation has been upgraded and re-edited for simpler more intuitive reading. The evaluation and full copy software ships with:
  1. Full Documentation Word 97 format

  2. Full Documentation HTML format

  3. 10 Minute 'Quick Start' guide RTF format

  4. ReadMe TXT format

Latest NetShift v4.3

[email protected]
[email protected]

Kiosk E-mail Accounts up to 70% of Use
Reports from Interactive kiosk operators from around the world indicate that kiosk e-mail is still the current killer application for kiosk users. As high as 70% of all kiosk traffic is e-mail send/receive! Are you getting your share? For more info.. put 'S050 - Kiosk E-mail' in the header of a blank email to:
[email protected]


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