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Bypass the high cost of building a multimedia kiosk from the ground up. With Saltmine® Kiosk 3.0, you can use existing Web sites and multimedia projects as kiosks without additional programming.

  • Quick, low-cost deployment
  • Enterprise-level station maintenance
  • Safe and secure user access
  • Easy, flexible interface design
Based in Seattle and London, Saltmine Creative is a full-service software development, visual communications and strategic consulting firm specializing in the creation of innovative solutions and products.

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SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- In its August cover feature, "Get 'em in Their Underwear," NewMedia magazine examines the fast-emerging business of Internet appliances: what's available, what's on the horizon, how these appliances will impact both life at home and business models.

Also featured is frogdesign's proposed e-Kitchen controller, an Internet kitchen appliance designed specifically for this issue of NewMedia magazine.

"We are entering a post-PC era, where easy, efficient Internet appliances are poised to revolutionize every aspect of life in the home," said Richard Landry, Editor-In-Chief of NewMedia magazine. "Manufacturers are grappling with what these appliances will look like and how they will function. But what remains to be seen is whether or not the average consumer will actually adopt these technologies. Does the average consumer even want Internet appliances, or are they another example of marketing-driven, high-tech reality distortion?"

The August issue of NewMedia magazine is available now; the feature, "Get 'em in Their Underwear," is also available on newmedia.com.

NewMedia magazine, the magazine for creators of the digital future, is published by Hypermedia Communications, Inc. (OTC BB:NMNW) The magazine delivers an innovative editorial package designed to serve the needs of senior managers and professionals responsible for driving Internet content and e-business strategy within their organizations.

NewMedia is a registered trademark of Hypermedia Communications, Inc.

Image of frogdesign's e-Kitchen controller available on request.

<<Business Wire, 08-02-99, 06:02 Eastern>>

CONTACT: NewMedia Magazine, San Mateo | Liz Armstrong, 650/573-5170 Ext. 103

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