Turn your Web site into a kiosk —
no programming required

Bypass the high cost of building a multimedia kiosk from the ground up. With Saltmine® Kiosk 3.0, you can use existing Web sites and multimedia projects as kiosks without additional programming.

  • Quick, low-cost deployment
  • Enterprise-level station maintenance
  • Safe and secure user access
  • Easy, flexible interface design
Based in Seattle and London, Saltmine Creative is a full-service software development, visual communications and strategic consulting firm specializing in the creation of innovative solutions and products.

For more information and a free trial version, visit products.saltmine.com!


KioskCom is devoted to the promotion of kiosk technology and its various applications. Through case study analyses and industry veteran's expertise, KioskCom addresses the needs of both end-users and vendors alike.

Kiosks are quickly becoming user-friendly solutions to everyday dilemmas. Through conferences, newsletters, and association meetings, KioskCom will keep you up-to-date and a step ahead of your competitors. KioskCom will continue to be your resource for information in the ever-changing, competitive arena.

KioskCom 2000 will take place from April 17-20, 2000, at the newly re-designed Conference facilities in the Royale Pavilion of The Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

  In 1997, the International Quality & Productivity Center created the world's first Kiosk- specific Executive Conference, KioskCom '97. Since then, hundreds of executives worldwide have attended and reaped the benefits of our event. KioskCom is continuously improved, updated and expanded based upon delegate feedback and changing technologies. Through extensive research and development, benchmarking and careful industry analysis here in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Pan Pacific, IQPC has once again broken new ground in educating the world on the value of kiosk technology.

More than 400 speakers, attendees, and exhibitors gathered in San Francisco from April 12-14, 1999 for hands-on information, networking opportunities, and indispensable brainstorming about the use of interactive kiosks. Known as KioskCom '99, this 3rd Annual conference... was, once again, a smashing success."

For more information about KioskCom, please visit our website at www.kioskcom.com, or contact Lawrence Dvorchik at 212-885-2732 or [email protected]

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