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Did you know that as well as the world's leading Public Browser Interface NetShift we produce a range of utilities to keep your kiosk running more reliably? And that they are free to NetShift users?
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The main utility is AKA (Automated Kiosk Attendant) which was originally developed by NetShift to keep Win 95 & NT PC based Public Access Kiosks optimized for 24/7 operation. AKA has been supplied as a free NetShift utility to be run with NetShift Public Browser Interface. Now an OSM version for other applications has been released.

For more information and a free trial version, visit AKA features!

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 10, 1999-- Hypercosm Inc. (, a provider of 3D graphics and simulation technology for the Internet, today announced its comprehensive authoring environment, Hypercosm Studio. With Hypercosm Studio, content creators can author, test and preview highly interactive Hypercosm 3D content for Intranet, Internet, and kiosk applications.

``Hypercosm 3D content is a significant breakthrough for e-commerce, electronic book/manual and education and training applications on the Internet,'' said Perry Kivolowitz, president of Hypercosm. ``It is the first technology of its kind that provides an easy and efficient medium for enabling users to view and truly interact with 3D images.''

Hypercosm Studio is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the authoring of HTML documents and programs created with Hypercosm's unique OMAR (Object-oriented Modeling and Rendering) programming language. The IDE provides ease-of-use features such as the ability to collect multiple related files into easily managed ``projects.'' File types used in Hypercosm 3D projects often include HTML documents, image files for textures, sound files, and OMAR source programs. Hypercosm Studio also has the ability to compile OMAR source programs into Hypercosm 3D applets. These applets can be run immediately from within Hypercosm Studio or can be viewed from locally sited web pages within the Microsoft® Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. OMAR applets are so small that they are often smaller than a static JPEG or GIF image representing the same scene.

By default, the compiled output of Hypercosm Studio will time out after 7 days. To make permanent content, a Hypercosm Publishing Key (five are included with the purchase of Hypercosm Studio) is required. Hypercosm Publishing Keys also allow Hypercosm 3D content to be published onto Intranets, the Internet, and kiosks. As a special promotion, through November 30, 1999, purchasers of Hypercosm Studio will receive three additional Hypercosm Publishing Keys (or eight in total) at no extra cost.

Pricing and Availability

Hypercosm Studio, priced at $995 per seat, is scheduled for availability this September through the Hypercosm Web site. Hypercosm Publishing Keys start at $100 each for Hypercosm Studio purchasers and range downward to $65 each depending upon quantity purchased. The company is also actively seeking bundling opportunities with manufacturers of display cards and other OEMs.

About Hypercosm 3D Content

Using Hypercosm 3D content, providers of various types of equipment can publish functional simulations of their products, allowing potential customers to try out the equipment's advanced features from remote locations. Or, a high school science teacher can create a completely interactive optical bench allowing students to manipulate (accurately simulated) lenses and prisms at any time of day, from school or from home. Content created with the Company's Hypercosm 3D technology is uniquely compelling with regard to the small size (and hence rapid downloading) of the content, as well as the extraordinary interactivity afforded by Hypercosm 3D.

About Hypercosm, Inc.

Hypercosm, Inc. is a privately held start-up based in Madison, WI. In addition to the Hypercosm 3D family of tools, the company also provides services including custom content creation, consulting and training related to the company's technologies. For more information about Hypercosm's family of tools and services, please visit our web site at ( or call (608) 821-0500 extension 100.

Note to editors: Hypercosm, Hypercosm Explorer, Hypercosm Sojourner, Hypercosm Studio and OMAR are trademarks of Hypercosm, Inc. All other references marks are the property of their respective owners.

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     Vallee Hubbard Bubak, 831/440-0338

     [email protected]


     Hypercosm, Inc.

     Perry Kivolowitz, 608/821-0500 x100

     [email protected]

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