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CARSON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Mag-Tek Inc., an internationally known check- and card-reader manufacturer since 1972, has introduced the MICR Module for check reading for OEM applications.

Developed using Mag-Tek's superior MICR technology, the MICR Module provides the smallest footprint, comprehensive features and tools to facilitate efficient integration. The MICR Module allows the addition of check-reading capabilities to devices such as terminals, keyboards, printers, cash registers, etc.

With Mag-Tek's completely self-contained MICR Module, no additional electronics, software or components are required to read checks. It automatically discriminates between E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts. With its optimized check-handling capabilities, the MICR Module provides very high read accuracy for crumpled or folded check documents.

The MICR Module has comprehensive and programmable options for easy integration. The MICR Module reports status codes after a check has been read. With its flash memory, firmware and parameters can be easily upgraded. Custom MICR output formats can be readily created to match any requirements.

All functions of the MICR Module are controlled via command-driven communications protocol. It has RS232, Serial TTL and keyboard wedge interfaces.

Mag-Tek (www.magtek.com) manufactures an ever-expanding line of MICR check readers, magnetic stripe and smart card readers, encoders and motorized readers for financial institutions, retailers and OEMs. Mag-Tek has headquarters in Carson, with sales offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, with international distribution in more than 40 countries.

Mag-Tek technology is used in millions of financial and point-of-sale (POS) transactions utilizing debit cards, credit cards and checks at banks, retail checkouts, automated gas pumps, pay phones and airplane-seat phones throughout the world. For more information on the MICR Module or other Mag-Tek products, call 888/624-8350 or visit www.magtek.com.

<<Business Wire, 08-20-99, 11:01 Eastern>>

CONTACT: Mag-Tek Inc., Carson | Brenda Schultz, 310/631-8602 | www.magtek.com | or | Shoultz & Associates | Barry Shoultz, 651/653-0849

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