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Company Press Release

Jones Naughton Expands GoOn-line Ad Campaign in Major Internet Markets and on Yahoo!

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 1999--Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. (OTC BB: JNNE - news), announced today the beginning of an extended saturation marketing campaign for its GoOn-line subsidiary and its new e-commerce Web site http://www.ShopGoOnline.com .

The media blitz, launched with the Grand Opening of ShopGoOnline.com, will be expanded this Wednesday with display ads reaching over 14 million readers in the eight major Internet markets. Display ads are being placed in the Boston Globe, San Francisco Examiner, Chicago Times, New York Times, Miami Herald, San Diego Union Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Dallas Morning News.

Following the display ads, GoOn-line will deliver a targeted investor promotional piece via direct mail drop to selected demographic sections of these same major Internet markets. Additionally, an Internet advertisement for GoOn-line's ShopGoOnline.com is set to run on Yahoo! concurrent with the newspaper display ads and direct mail drop.

These new branding campaigns will continue to be supported by the previously announced agreements with DoubleClick and Website Results designed to direct traffic to the ShopGoOnline Web site.

Jeffrey F. Reynolds, Vice President and Director of Marketing for Jones Naughton Entertainment commented: ``As we continue to broaden our marketing campaign, we are increasingly focused on branding the GoOn-line and ShopGoOnline.com names. We are planning a number of additional promotions that will be announced as soon as they are completed.''

Jones Naughton is also gearing up to increase revenues generated by the sale of advertising space on ShopGoOnline.com as well as the expansion of advertising sales on GoOn-line's Internet Kiosks. Mr. Reynolds will be meeting with DoubleClick executives this week in San Francisco to finalize Jones Naughton's implementation of DoubleClick's Dynamic Advertising Reporting and Targeting Program (DART).

DoubleClick (Nasdaq: DCLK - news) is the leader in ad targeting technology. Jones Naughton will use DoubleClick's proven DART Program as the back-office system for selling additional display advertising on the Internet Kiosks in hotel lobbies as well as on the ShopGoOnline.com Web site.

Said Mr. Reynolds: ``We make every effort to expedite implementation of our business plan through associations with Internet innovators such as DoubleClick. By relying on DoubleClick's oversight of our online display ad sales, we know we will be offering display ad buyers the best in target marketing.''

About Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc.

Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc. is an information technology concern focused on combining traditional marketing methods with the latest advancements in Internet technology. Through its GoOn-line Division, Jones Naughton provides interactive Internet, advertising and media buying services to a growing number of clients across the country.

GoOn-line has also begun installing Internet Kiosks in various hotels and is aggressively pursuing kiosk agreements with a number of national hotel chains.

Jones Naughton's subsidiary, GoOn-line.com (a Chico, California- based Internet company specializing in the production of streaming video infomercials over the Internet), offers Internet products and services to consumers via e-commerce solutions available on the World Wide Web. GoOn-line.com has just launched ShopGoOnline.com, a virtual shopping mall Web site featuring a wide variety of products, some of which have traditionally only been available from infomercial companies advertising on broadcast television.

Jones Naughton's growing list of Internet service and e-commerce suppliers and partners includes: Icom Networks, Inc.; Nicom Telemanagement, Inc.; DoubleClick, Inc. (Nasdaq: DCLK - news); Guthy-Renker, Inc.; RealNetworks, Inc. (Nasdaq: RNWK - news); LinkShare Corporation; PDQ Internet Services, Inc.; Website Results, LLC and Info Touch Technologies.

This press release contains forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Act of 1995. Expression of future goals and similar expressions reflecting something other than historical fact involve risks and uncertainties. The actual results the company achieves may differ materially from any forward-looking statements due to such risks and uncertainties.

     Jones Naughton Entertainment, Inc.

     Joseph Naughton, Chairman


     Web site: www.jnne.com

     e-mail: [email protected]



     Scott Claverie, President


     e-mail: [email protected]


     PMR and Assoc.

     Patrick M. Rost, Investor Relations


     e-mail: [email protected]

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