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The main utility is AKA (Automated Kiosk Attendant) which was originally developed to keep Win 95 & NT PC based Public Access Kiosks optimized for 24/7 operation. AKA (PBI version) has been supplied as a free NetShift utility to be run with NetShift PBI.
Now an AKA OSM version for other applications has been released! It is offered as a separate product. For more AKA information visit AKA features!

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Company Press Release

CAIS Internet to Introduce `CAIS Software Solutions'
Will Rename Atcom, Inc. as CAIS Division to Complete Acquisition

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 10, 1999--CAIS Internet, Inc. (Nasdaq:CAIS - news) -- a leading service provider of innovative high speed Internet access solutions -- announced today that it has completed a merger with ATCOM Inc.

As part of the merger, Atcom will be re-named CAIS Software Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of CAIS Internet.

The deal marks a milestone for the hospitality industry and multi-family facilities that seek a comprehensive solution to Internet access for their properties. Customers benefit from the combined bandwidth capabilities and pioneering Overvoice® technology of CAIS Internet with the leading edge IPORT broadband Internet access technology of the former Atcom Inc.

The result is an industry-dominating end-to-end solution that offers convenient high speed Internet access combined with Plug `N Play automatic provisioning, automatic billing, credit card authorization, Quality of Service and other leading edge features of IPORT. CAIS Software Solutions also extends CAIS Internet's reach into public areas with its award winning Internet Kiosk Software.

``We're excited at the opportunity to combine forces,'' says Steve Nye, President of CAIS Software Solutions. ``With CAIS bandwidth, integration experience in the hospitality industry and breakthrough OverVoice® technology, our opportunities are greatly expanded. Our division provides key features to make the CAIS Internet solution an unbeatable one for hotels, multi-family units and all public venues including airports, retail centers and cruise ships. This merger completes the `Internet Everywhere(tm)' focus of the companies.''

The IPORT server provides CAIS-equipped buildings with Internet access connection functionality, payment processing including interface with hotel management systems, advertising and e-commerce and variable data bit rate options.

In addition, IPORT has industry-leading features including IP-based secure tunneling for corporate intranet access, printing capability and booth and kiosk platforms for Internet access in public areas. The integration of the CAIS high speed solution with IPORT will provide a consistent, simple interface for the customer or end-user.

About CAIS Internet

CAIS Internet, Inc. (Nasdaq:CAIS - news) is a leading Internet service provider, delivering the latest in end-to-end high speed Internet access solutions for consumers and businesses through its parent high speed Internet access company, its software subsidiary, CAIS Software Solutions, and CAIS's business center subsidiary, Business Anywhere(tm).

CAIS operates three different major business lines that deliver innovative high speed Internet access to meet a variety of Internet connectivity needs. The CAIS total high speed Internet access solution to hospitality, public areas and multi-family environments includes Business Anywhere, OverVoice technology, IPORT server software solutions, public area kiosks and interactive content, among others.

CAIS also delivers point-to-point high speed Internet access using HyperDSL lines to commercial and residential customers, and broadband dedicated Internet access to businesses and other Internet providers. All CAIS Internet services are delivered with expert 24/7 technical and customer support.

The patented Business Anywhere(tm) Center and technology was first launched in 1997 and quickly became the preferred solution to the Hilton Hotel Corporation.

CAIS Software Solutions products and services are installed in airports, hotels, convention centers, and other public areas. Customers include US West, GTE, TCG, Pacific Bell, Mail Boxes Etc. and Canada Payphone.

With the IPORT Internet Access system, the company has received honors including the 1997 and 1998 Microsoft Retail Application Developer ``RAD'' award and the UCSD Connect 1998 Most Innovative Product Award.

The latest version of the IPORT Internet Access System, IPORT 3.0, features high-speed plug and play Internet access that requires no reconfiguration as well as pay-per-use content through integrated and flexible billing options.

CAIS Internet operates a nationwide, clear-channel DS3/OC3 and ATM Network. CAIS currently peers with public and private partners, and at national exchange points MAE East, MAE East ATM, MAE West, and AADS.

Information on CAIS is available by calling 888-260-CAIS, or by visiting the company's web sites at www.cais.com or www.caissoft.com.

- OverVoice and CAIS are registered trademarks of CAIS Internet.

This release contains statements relating to CAIS's future expectations and business strategies or other ``forward-looking'' information. Those statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by the statements.

Important factors that may cause actual results to differ from projections include, among others: changes in business conditions; changes in the Internet services industry and the general economy; our limited operating history; our ability to manage rapid growth; our ability to enter into joint ventures and other strategic relationships with companies on terms acceptable to us; and the impact of computer and related problems that may arise from the Year 2000 problem on our business.

     CAIS Internet, Washington

     Minda Markle, 202/715-1325


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