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This Week's ThinPUSH Contents:

1. iBUZZ Poll - Web Enabling Technologies
2. Free at Last!
3. Announcing ASP Island
4. PacketShaper White Paper (and free offer)
5. Thread of the Week
6. User Group Update
7. ThinQUIZ Update
8. Industry News
9. Training Center
10. Job Center
11. Thin Planet Planned Down Time

1. iBUZZ Poll - The Impact of Web-enabling Technologies
The results of this month's iBUZZ poll are now available at:

Background Information:

Will the growing demand to "web-enable" applications become a disruptive
force that ushers in a new generation of industry leaders?  Global
adoption of the Internet as the preferred medium for business
communications has led to a growing demand for "web-enabling" solutions. A
web-enabling solution is one that provides your employees, customers
and/or business partners, web-based access to existing, non web-based
applications. The ability to "publish" existing applications to the web,
thus eliminating the need to purchase and/or develop new web-based
applications has tremendous appeal to today's IT decision makers. While
Microsoft continues to ignore customer demand for a cost effective
web-enabling solution, Microsoft's competitors are preparing to capitalize
on the opportunity.

Link to full text of article:

2. Free at Last!
Citrix Systems Demonstrates that it holds the key to Digital Independence
The new slogan coming out of Citrix Systems is "Digital Independence",
signifying freedom from the traditional complexities and constraints of
computing, enabling users to access the applications they need from any
device or server, over any connection, with greater predictability and
speed. This is a pretty bold concept, but Citrix is demonstrating to the
world that it has the technology to make Digital Independence a reality.
Read "Free at Last!" for a glimpse into the future of server-based

3. Announcing ASP Island
Thin Planet is preparing to launch ASP Island, our new web-based community
dedicated to the emerging ASP industry. ASP Island will be the most
comprehensive resource center for Application Service Providers (ASPs),
Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), ASP Resellers, IT professionals and
end users that are interested in the ASP industry.

Island Partners
In preparation for our launch, we are currently accepting contact
information from ASPs, ISVs, ASP Resellers (VARs, NSPs, etc.) and
Manufacturers that are interested in having a presence on ASP Island.
There will be a broad range of opportunities for all players in the
industry, and we want to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to
participate from the start. Please complete the appropriate form (below)
to ensure that you don't miss your opportunity to be involved in the
global launch of ASP Island.

ASP Partners:

ISV Partners:

ASP Resellers (VARs, NSPs, etc.)

Product Manufacturers

If you're caught in the ASP industry wave, then ASP Island is an
opportunity that you won't want to pass up. The industry is exciting and
the competition is already starting to heat up, but there is lots of work
that needs to be done before the ASP model lives up to its expectations.
Customer awareness and education will restrict the industry's growth rate,
and that's where ASP Island comes in.  As a Thin Planet Community, ASP
Island will draw off our existing resources and quickly become a valuable
web resource for the ASP industry.

The Island Pass
The Island Pass is your free ticket to ASP Island that will allow you to
gain access to all of our premium content as soon as the site is launched.
In addition, members will receive our free ASP Island newsletter designed
to keep you informed of industry developments and opportunities as well as
ASP Island enhancements.

Sign up for your free Island Pass at:

4. PacketShaper White Paper (and free offer)
Packeteer has publish a new white paper on Thin Planet that discusses how
you can protect your performance in Citrix WinFrame and MetaFrame wide
area network environments.  In addition to the white paper, Packeteer is
offering Thin Planet visitors a free copy of "Protecting Citrix Traffic on
the WAN"

Check it out:

5. Thread of the Week
Useful tips involving license pooling and load balancing in a Citrix

Thread link:

6. User Group Update
Since kicking off the Thin Planet User Groups several groups have been
added (now 36 total world wide) and more than 4,400 members have joined.
We have received significant feedback that an on-line format would greatly
enhance the value of the groups. The consensus is that on-line user groups
are more convenient then traditional user group meetings and it allows
more members to participate. For these reasons, on-line services have now
become the major focus of Thin Planet's user group efforts. We will
continue to encourage and support traditional meetings, however, we will
look to the group members to define and drive the meetings.

Tech Boards Integrated with the User Groups
To encourage regional discussions, we have integrated the User Groups with
the Tech Boards.  The Tech Boards have been modified to track messages by
user group and all existing messages have been modified to reflect this
information. Now when you go to your user group home page you will see a
complete list of the Tech Board messages that have been posted by members
of your group. As you post new messages to any of the Tech Boards they
will also be posted to your user group.

The User Groups are now located in the Tech Center (main navigation bar),
or you can use the following direct link:

7. ThinQUIZ Update
The ThinQUIZ has been live for a little over a month now, and the feedback
has been overwhelmingly positive.  If you have not tried the ThinQUIZ, it
is a web-based training and certification preparation tool.  Each week
(mid-night Sunday evening) we publish 10 new questions in each of three
categories - MetaFrame, WinFrame and Windows NT (additional topics to be
added in the future). ThinQUIZ is an interactive tool that will keep track
of your score for each session. During a session, you decide how many
questions you want to answer and what topics you want to cover, it's
completely up to you. Your test session can be as long as you want, but if
you are idle for more than 10 minutes we will automatically end the test
and record the results. A custom results page will retain a complete
graphical history of your test results so that you can review your
progress over time. Best of all, ThinQUIZ is free of charge to Thin Planet
Community members - enjoy!

ThinQUIZ can be found in the Training Center, or use this direct link:

8. Industry News
For the latest industry press releases, see:

Or, monitor all new content each day on Thin Planet with the ThinWIRE:

9. Training Center
Are you looking for a last minute training class?  Here are some of the
being offered by Thin Planet's training partners next week

Monday September 27, 1999
Atlanta, GA - MetaFrame 1.8 Administration
Irvine, CA - MetaFrame 1.8 Administration
Minneapolis, MN - Terminal Server and MetaFrame Administration

Tuesday September 28, 1999
Charlotte, NC - MetaFrame 1.8 Administration
Englewood, NJ - MetaFrame 1.8 Administration
Pleasanton, CA - Microsoft IIS 4.0/Citrix Web Publishing
Woodinville, WA - MetaFrame 1.8 Administration

Wednesday September 29, 1999
San Diego, CA - Citrix Resource Management Administration

Thursday September 30, 1999
Atlanta, GA - MetaFrame Advanced Administration
Irvine, CA - Advanced Citrix Server Implementation
San Diego, CA - Advanced Citrix Server Implementation

Friday October 1, 1999
Reston, VA - Citrix Resource Management Administration

To reserve a seat or to view a complete list of classes, see:

10. Job Center
As a reminder, Thin Planet's job center is a great place to post your
resume or job openings.  All new postings are also now being published on
the ThinWIRE, giving increased visibility to your jobs and resumes.  If
you have job openings in engineering, sales/marketing or management, stop
by and take a moment to publish them on Thin Planet - free of charge!  If
your looking for a job you can also publish your resume and apply for jobs

11. Thin Planet Planned Down Time
We will be performing a series of site upgrades this weekend (9/25-9/26)
that are required to keep up with our continued growth, and to prepare for
the integration with the future ASP Island.  Even though the enhancements
will be significant, they will all be "behind the scenes", so don't look
for any noticeable changes next week.  During the upgrade process, we
anticipate that the site will be unavailable for extended periods of time
and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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