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September 27, 1999 13:23

France's ComOne launches telecom/Internet terminal

PARIS, Sept 27 (Reuters) - ComOne, a French manufacturer of telecoms products for computer manufacturers and telecoms operators, said on Monday it was launching a stand-alone terminal offering multimedia services.

The so-called max, developed in conjunction with France Telecom , gives users access to Internet, e-mail, telephone, answerphone, fax, Minitel, television and close-circuit TV surveillance services.

ComOne Chief Executive Jacques Saubade said ComOne had clinched a contract with French tobacco manufacturer Seita to allow cigarette vendors to place delivery orders via max, and was in negotiations with Microsoft to incorporate Microsoft programmes into max.

Saubade said if sales were sufficiently high, the price of the terminal could be reduced to 1,500 French francs ($238.1) by the end of 2000. He did not reveal the current price.

ComOne, which is investing 18 million francs in Internet technology in a bid to double turnover and triple profit by 2002, predicted sales of max-type machines would overtake personal computer sales by 2002.

((Gillian Handyside. Paris newsroom + 33 1 4221 5542, f+ 33 1 4236 1072, paris.newsroomreuters.com)).

($1=6.300 French Franc)

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