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HOUSTON, Oct. 1 PRNewswire -- Tidel Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATMS) today announced new components available for its popular Ignition series Automated Teller Machine (ATM) platform and its newly introduced Chameleon Internet Transaction Machine (ITM) platform. The enhancements include the ValiCash Module for all Ignition series models and six new peripheral devices for the Chameleon ITM.

Tidel will exhibit the ValiCash Module and the new Chameleon peripherals at the upcoming NACS show at McCormick Place in Chicago from Sunday, October 3, 1999 through Tuesday, October 5, 1999. Attendees are encouraged to visit the Tidel booth for a personally conducted demonstration.

According to Mark Levenick, COO of Tidel, "With ValiCash, consumers can now purchase products, such as prepaid phone cards, directly from the ATM with cash instead of a credit or debit card." The new module includes a currency validator for accepting cash payments and may be outfitted with an optional card dispenser for delivery of prepaid cards and other card-sized media. The module, which is housed in an attractive, matching cabinet that affixes to the ATM, is compatible with all models of the Ignition series ATM and is field upgradeable.

An exciting array of peripherals for the versatile Chameleon ITM will pave the way for future applications such as check-cashing, electronic bill payment, online banking, teleconferencing and the purchase of products for cash instead of credit or debit. The six new peripheral devices now available are:

* Optical Scanning Module. Scans and captures front and back of

documents, including MICR code, to facilitate check cashing and

electronic bill payment applications. The module is also available

with an optional printer.

* Sensar Iris Scanning Module. Positively identifies user with state-of-

the-art biometric identification system to facilitate advanced security

and PIN-less transaction applications.

* Document Printer. Prints 8 1/2 inch wide documents of any length with

on-board, drum-roll thermal printer to facilitate printing of documents

such as bank statements, loan and insurance applications, and travel


* Currency Validator Module. Accepts U.S. currency of any denomination

and validates its authenticity to facilitate cash-for-services

applications such as the sale of prepaid cards or event tickets.

* Card Dispenser Module. Dispenses card-sized media to facilitate

applications such as the sale of prepaid phone, gas or credit cards.

* Digital Camera. Transmits real-time video of user to facilitate

teleconferencing and live customer service sessions.

In addition, Tidel indicated that preliminary fourth quarter and fiscal year 1999 sales information would be released on or about Thursday, October 7, 1999.

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