Sigma and Comdex

You've got to relax to see and appreciate the hottest products and solutions in digital video production and play during Comdex. So we've taken a row of suites at The Venetian Resort so you can have a snack and a drink while you get a first hand look at the way DV will be next year.

The Sunday before and every day (8 a.m. 9 p.m.) of Comdex we’ll be have a spread you’ll have to see to believe including

We’re bringing the PC industry gold standard for DVD play to the consumer arena…in a BIG way!

Good drinks, fine food and exquisite DV solutions…life will be good at the Sigma Designs suite at the Venetian Resort.

Tell is when you want to come by…we’ll get everything ready for you.

Ask at the front desk, come up and see where video is going and how fast we’re taking it there.


Thanks Kinetic!

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