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Corporate Profile for U-Ship, Inc., dated Nov. 6, 1998

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Published Date:   Nov. 6, 1998

Company Name:     U-Ship

Address:          5583 West 78th Street

                  Edina, MN 55439

Main Telephone

 Number:          612/941-4080


Internet Home

 Page Address

  (URL):          (Active 12/15/98)

Chief Executive

 Officer:         Peter Lytle

Chief Financial

 Officer:         Tim Becker

Investor Relations

 Contact:         Terry Johnson

 Business number: 612-941-4080 ext.100

 Home number:     612-873-2318

 e-mail address:  n/a

Public Relations

 Contact:         Joan Knight

 Business number: 612-593-1508

 Home number:     n/a

 e-mail address:  n/a

Trading Symbol/

 Exchange:        Nasdaq/USHP

Industry:         Shipping/Courier & Kiosk Manufacturing

Market Makers:    n/a

Company description: U-Ship Inc., Doing Business As: United Shipping and Technology, Nasdaq listing (USHP). The company has two divisions: The Intelligent Kiosk Company (IQK) and Advanced Courier Services, Inc. (ACS).

IQK is the company's technology arm. It produces state-of-the-art, automated package shipping kiosks for major shippers, couriers, mailrooms and ACS as well as kiosks for non-shipping clients utilized for retail sales, training and information management. IQK also develops software and hardware for the courier industry. The world kiosk market is growing at a 30% to 40% annual rate. Sales are projected to reach $3 billion by 2002.

ACS is the company's courier division. It is in the process of creating a value added consolidation of the courier industry. ACS is acquiring mid size couriers and consolidating them in metro markets in the United States. The company's IQ(k) technology is being employed to provide ACS with significant barrier to entry by the competition. The company plans to franchise its brand name and technology and is seeking to become a dominant player in the industry. Market sizes for the industry range from 7 to 15 billion dollars depending on category and is growing at a rate of 4% to %5 per year.


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