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Be a star or speak your mind at Channel 4's ME TV kiosks

By Tim Kiska / Detroit News Television writer

Move over Carmen Harlan. Channel 4 is about to make the man on the street famous.
    The station is installing five futuristic electronic kiosks in various places around Metro Detroit that will allow viewers to offer their comments on TV about whatever subjects they choose. The station will air some of those comments in its newscasts and elsewhere starting Thanksgiving Day.
    "We're hoping to have fun with this," says Channel 4 (WDIV) program director Henry Maldonado. "The entire idea is to allow people to be creative, and connect us even more with our audience."
    Would-be commentators simply stand in front of the kiosk -- called ME TV -- and look into the camera lens. Pressing a button allows you to talk for 30 seconds. Channel 4 will collect the tapes daily and cull them for interesting comments. City TV, one of Toronto's TV news outfits, has been using the system for a decade.
    One Channel 4 kiosk is installed at the station's downtown Detroit studios on Lafayette Street, and another is in the Star Southfield Theatre complex. Three other sites will be determined later.


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